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In celebration of That Awful Dog

This week marks Coco’s first birthday, and to celebrate I’ve gathered most of the Daily Chuck photos that feature her and set them to music. Consequently, this video also turned out to be a celebration of Chuck’s enduring patience. I know, I know, we’ve never done this for Chuck, but I intend to put one together next March to celebrate his seventh birthday. But don’t worry about Chuck, right now he’s lying on the couch eating a bologna sandwich.

Many thanks to Maker’s Mark bourbon for helping us survive a year of living with Satan:

(Soundtrack is “The Fear” by u-Ziq)

  • cj

    So cute. I’d get a dog if I could guarantee that kind of cuteness.

  • Beyond awesome.

  • Kate

    She may very well be Satan, but damn is she cute!

  • woof.

  • As long as Chuck has the bologna sandwich, all is at peace in your household.

    Also, I just realized that I don’t know how to spell bologna.

    Coco is beautiful, happy birthday to her 🙂

  • HumanMama

    so sweet. you are a great dog AND human mama.

  • A wonderful Coco montage! Are you certain Highway to Hell wouldn’t have been appropriate?

    Thanks for the viewing.

  • LOL ALSO! I love how she looks all angelic in most of these, but we all know better.


  • Gregarious Kat

    Didn’t Chuck turn seven years old this year? I just remember the “memorial page” and everyone thought he had died. But, I was just saying…if he’s eight, he gets more goodies. And if you’re like me, you keep track of more important things based on how old your pet is. Like did I graduate college in 01 or 00. Hmmmm we got the cat in 01, so that was my graduation present. Oh, and something else happened that year, oh yeah, we got married. Love you Dooce and your political talk too. I am totally hooked on Uppercase Woman that one of your commenters recommended. Have a great week.

  • I really wish I could have come up with two dog names as awesome as that.

    And Lauren, you can’t spell bologna? Just remember the song. “Cuz Oscar Mayer has a way with B O L O G N A!”


  • Haha, thank you, Charlie for the reminder! I just kept typing balogna and kept thinking, “No that’s not right! Maybe if I re-type it in the exact same way, it’ll look correct.”

  • Are you sure it’s Coco’s birthday? Because a doggie photo montage sounds like a birthday gift to ME.

  • Thinky

    Happy birthday, Coco!

  • I can always see why people buy dogs. It’s cos they’re really cute with they’re puppies. Then they grow up.

  • Alana in Vancouver

    Wow, she grew up SO fast!!! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Every time I see a picture of Chuck, all I can think is “He’s just perfect.” And all that comes to mind when I see Coco (other than she’s absolutely gorgeous) is “Oh my God, what a little shit.”

  • Cee

    I’m sure you’ve heard this before – but she’s a working breed. She needs to DO stuff. If you provided her with a job, she wouldn’t be such a “bad” dog.

  • Maria from NJ

    She is one beautiful gal. Happy Birthday COCO!

  • satan has never been cuter. 🙂

  • That face is TOO CUTE! The cute ones are always trouble. I also had an adorable yet often-satanic dog.

  • You mean Chuck has been a puppy too? Can’t wait for those pictures! 🙂

  • Carly

    How many of those pictures were of Coco pulling on Chuck’s collar?

  • Dogmom

    Heather and Jon, you are going to love forever that you have that video — of both of them. I just love your creativity. You must spend all of your time with a camera in your hand. I would love it if I had done that with Belle all her life. She’s 11 now and I’m feeling her time getting shorter with me, and I so wish I had as many wonderful photos of my little McNab — a true Satan in her own right also — as you do with yours. I better get started with the time we have left! Thanks for the wonderful tribute.

  • Haley

    Talk about a wolf in sheep clothing.

    I didn’t become aware of your awesomeness (website) until after Coco was already part of the family so I have never seen all of those sweet, sweet little puppy dog pics, with all that cuteness how were you know Satan was in there? I’m thinking you were deceived.

    Funny about comment No. 9 (which reminds me that is when I started reading this site the month of the aged 7 years masthead)I too was thinking 7 this year hmmmmmmmm, but since the arrival of Coco none of that probably matters because he may feel more like 77 at this point.

    Happy Birthday Coco!! How about a poop cake? ha ha

  • As I was watching this video my daughter came up and asked what it was. I said “It’s a video celebrating Coco’s 1st birthday.” So she says “Wow…a year already? How old is Chuck?” and I said “He’ll be 7 in March.”

    I love that I know this much about your pets.

  • Maybe, just maybe, waaaaaaaaay deep down in the depths of his doggie soul, Chuck kind of doesn’t mind Coco being around. Maybe. There is a glimmer of love (masked in annoyance and pissed-off-ness) in those images.

  • Thanks for the retrospective on Coco. I was turned on to your blog by a friend a few months ago, and I particularly enjoy the Chuck and Coco “chronicles.” I have friends with sheepdogs, and I know how crazy they are to live with so I commend you! I hadn’t seen the puppy pics… OMG, the cuteness is debilitating. She looks like a muppet.

  • I think you just increased the travel to u-Ziq on iTunes tremendously.

  • Sara

    Hey! We call our dog, Wilson “the little shit” or “LS” for short.

    Chuck is such a great big brother.

  • Reikigirl

    Chuck does get his own calendar. I don’t think he’ll mind too much.

    As always, love you guys.

  • It’s like she grows before our very eyes!

    Coco is the cutest, next to Chuck and… my dogs =)

  • Altissima

    @Gregarious Kat – As far as I remember, that banner with picture of Chuck was celebrating the 7th b/day of the dooce blog, not Chuck’s b/day.

  • Niki

    From your posts, I know that Cocoa can be a real shit. But I must admit, she has a very fetching face. Happy Birthday to her, and good luck to the rest of you.

  • Amy

    OMG They’re both so cute! I love Coco’s signature head tilt. Happy Birthday Coco.
    Haha that photo of the two of them with Leta’s socks cracked me up. Thanks Heather!

  • It must be something about Halloween-ish dog births. My last truly satanic pup was a Halloween puppy. Thankfully once he became an eighty-pound terror, I “lost” him in a break-up. Gee, was I depressed…. um, not.

  • Mandy

    I am the absolute opposite to you in that I never take photos (due to sheer laziness). After watching that I want to go out, get a really good camera and start documenting my life. That was just fantastic, it actually brought tears to my eyes – which turned to laughter tears when I read the last line.

    From one Aussie to another, happy birthday Coco, you little shit.

    Thanks so much for the inspiration xx

  • costco sells both jerky treats and toilet paper in bulk.

    coco will think she’s died and gone to heaven.

  • Kiki

    A POOP CAKE?! hahahahaha I want one of Coco, when you breed…I guess I should say, IF you breed, I will pay! Adorable. Thanks for sharing. Can you post the blog on when you first got her? I too just joined the site (thank god, because a day without dooce, makes my screws loose!)and would love to see how it all came to turn.

  • How can she be so cute and yet be so evil? It’s always the cute ones… good thing you guys trained Chuck to put up with loads of crap early in life! Patience is a virtue! And so is balancing a stapler on your head.

    Happy B-day Coco!

  • Beautiful.

    Coco is a dead ringer for our dog (but for the tail, ours is a border collie). She was just as chewy and hectic and loud and shit-eaty as Coco is now, until one day she just up and said, nope, I’m all grown up now, and became sedate and affectionate and old and slow and wise. She’s 13 now, stone deaf, and getting over some kind of neurological thing that made her stagger. And she’s happy. Seeing Coco just brings everything back, mostly good memories (ha!).

  • MichelleB

    Happy Birthday Coco! For our 20th anniversary, I adopted a maltese named Lucky for my hubby and my he bought me a gorgeous diamond necklace from so it was a really special day for all of us. I was busy admiring my new necklace and He got to play with Lucky all day, she still needs training but is adorable!

  • Kit

    The photo of Coco at 2 minutes is astoundingly reminiscent of Fizgig from Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal
    see here:

  • Pat Wilson

    Chuck must be the most patient dog in the whole world! And Coco one of the cutest!

  • rowenablue

    You guys are such awesome doggie parents. I know it hasn’t been easy with Coco in the house, yet you still love the little shit. In my house, we have our own “little shit” except we call her a “little bitch”.

  • Cynthia Frankowiak

    There must be something about this dog!! When I started to play the video my puppies starting barking like crazy. They must have sensed her potential for mischief via some weird dog wavelength…

  • adorable!!

  • Wendy Darling

    ok… that was real cute and all, but I have to say I really miss seeing the pictures of Chuck (and ONLY Chuck) every stinkin’ day. Wouldn’t it be so nice for coco to have her own “pic of the day” so all of us Chuck-only people could choose to not click it. =) I’m only half kidding. A poop cake will do just fine!

  • Awww, mannn! I had a really crappy week, and was all set to wallow in a world class bitch-fest, and then I see them (sniff,sniff). Now I feel all squishy (in a good way).

    Time for me to hit the couch with MY glass of scotch, er, bologna sandwich.

    Neat video!

  • Lea

    Adorable, quite regal, even in her pink wig.

  • Ann L

    She looks so regal in that pose on the stairs, taken from slightly below her. Like, OK, minor human, you may worship my wonderfulness.

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