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In celebration of That Awful Dog

This week marks Coco’s first birthday, and to celebrate I’ve gathered most of the Daily Chuck photos that feature her and set them to music. Consequently, this video also turned out to be a celebration of Chuck’s enduring patience. I know, I know, we’ve never done this for Chuck, but I intend to put one together next March to celebrate his seventh birthday. But don’t worry about Chuck, right now he’s lying on the couch eating a bologna sandwich.

Many thanks to Maker’s Mark bourbon for helping us survive a year of living with Satan:

(Soundtrack is “The Fear” by u-Ziq)

  • Lori W

    What a beautiful tribute to a dog’s life. Happy birthday Coco.

  • And here we have the perfect example of why we are willing to put up with all the grief they give us (much like children) because they are so darn cute!

  • Marina

    Is it just me, or has Chuck aged 10 years since you got Coco? He looked so young and carefree in the earlier pictures, now he looks tired out. Both are very cute though.

  • Happy birthday, Coco!!

    And hang in there, Chuck!!

  • alayna

    well done ma’am. well done.

  • Great, great video. Now imagine those very same situations with two huge labradors and you’ll have my house. Happy Birthday, Coco. You’re a lucky dog – don’t screw it up.

  • April

    Happy Birthday Coco!

    Chuck, you are a saint for putting up with her.

    Heather, you have some great dogs and they are so cute. I think you and your husband take some great photos.

  • Coco is absolute gorgeous though! Even if she is a little shit..

  • Kerri RAchelle

    Awesome, Heather! I love, love, love the music seletion and it was fun to remember all of your Daily Chucks while watching the video. Coco is already looking quite the lady. She’s beautiful!

  • Coco

    lol i haz bonz n no beer

  • You adore that shit dog… and I’m in love with the song, you should open a Daily music, just like daily style, and daily Chuck and Daily photo… every time you recommend a song, I’m all over it.

    Feliz Cumpleaños COCO!

  • Awwww CHUCK! Poor thing! I love Chuck… Coco is good too but “That Awful Dog” (Your words!) needs to learn how to balance a stack of plates on her heads ASAP. The Internet waiting…

  • Dawn

    Happy Birthday Coco! Love the compilation 🙂

  • Satan sure is adorable.

    She looks so much like the full-size Aussie my family had when I was growing up. Brassy was kind of a bad-ass, too — not quite in Coco’s league, but close.

    Thank you for sharing this — I LOVE your photos of Chuck and Coco, and it was awesome to see them set to music like that.

  • Love the photos. I can see the coffee table book…Chuck and The Little Shit: The Collection.

  • Anonymous

    happy birthday wild woman!

    glad master chuck is being served the bologna… it’s the least the poor guy deserves with all the posing he does around that house. :p

  • Happy birthday Coco! I’m still convinced if her and Chuck had a baby it would be my little Sadie!

  • OK, you probably won’t like this, but I think Coco looks exactly. Like. You.

    That very last picture – the eyes are TOTALLY you.

    Just saying.

  • Ahhh … good ole’ Makers Mark. I’m enjoying my Friday night with a glass right now.

  • I grew up within 10 minutes of the Maker’s Mark distillery…try dealing with those sweet fumes and not go crazy… but really, I loved your little montage if only because I regularly refer to my husband as my “little shit”

    Thank you for everything!

  • Chuck is the prettiest, handsomest, cutest dog ever.
    Um, yeah, but this is Coco’s day. Sorry. You’re a’ight too Coco. You’ve got winning eyes.
    Since I’m pretty sure you’re illiterate, I feel ok about complimenting your saintly brother. I do love the photo of you in the pink head scarf. It’s very National Geographic.

  • robinv

    you little shit….gotta love that. I had a cat we ended up naming Ellis (L.S.) because he was such a little shit.

    happy birthday Coco!

  • You are beautiful…even if you are awful! Today is my brother’s birthday and yesterday was mine 🙂 So have a very happy birthday Coco!

  • amanda

    Why is it that the little shits are always so freaking adorable? I’ve got one too!

  • Jen

    Oh wow. That brought tears to my eyes. What a great dog….and kudos to Chuck for putting up with that dog for the past year. WOW.

  • Jen

    Oh wow. That brought tears to my eyes. What a great dog….and kudos to Chuck for putting up with that dog for the past year. WOW.

  • Karen Ethier

    Is Coco part Bernese Mountain puppy? Lots of puppy resemblance. Bernese are my fave.

  • Awwww, Coco – you grew up so fast! I cannot believe that you are a little shit. You’re much, much too pretty to be a little shit! Happy, happy birthday beautiful gorgeous Coco!

    P.S. Stop eating your poo.

  • Denise

    I just love your blog! You are a great story teller.

  • J. Bo

    Proof once again that baby creatures (of all species) are made extra cute so WE DON’T KILL THEM.

    And Chuck is a saint amongst dog siblings, no question; it’s very clear that, despite his exasperation with Coco, he WOULD totally give her a kidney if she needed one… despite her being “a dog of very little brain,” to paraphrase Milne.

  • Aww, so cute and sweet! Happy birthday, Coco!

  • Oh my gosh. I totally almost cried watching that! Then I got to “you little shit.” Hee hee… Great video! Have loved watching Coco grow.

  • Anonymous

    okay, I still don’t understand why she would pee on your pillow…and all the mess…and the poo eating and the incessant curiousness (exhibited in many of the photos) all of this stuck out in my mind because I have a dog and I was like, shoot…I am so lucky! AND after all that you ran after sheep for her…why? I am guessing it is because she is so friggin cute and looks sooo sweet. That look she is giving you in that photo of you two…that is just pure love and devotion and it is awesome. Now that I think about it, however, my dog and I have a similar relationship…she has definitely been a shit, but her sweetness and love make up for it.

  • oddthomas (Lynn)

    My cheeks hurt from smiling so much! VERY cute!
    Happy Birthday, Coco!

  • I love how they look into the camera at you. And that pink wig is too much! Happy Birthday, Coco. xoxo.

  • Aww! She may be satan, but she’s a cutie with it!

  • You should be ashamed of yourself. How dare you say such horrible things about this beautiful creature. She’s only a year old now–what is she going to think when she’s old enough to read these entries??


    Happy Birthday Coco!!

  • Chanel

    Chuck looks les and less disgruntled through the pictures. Gorgous pups 🙂

  • Dogs are the reason I am a fish person. Not a cat person, not a dog person, a fish person…well, at least as long as they last…maybe I’m a plant person.

    Anywho, I just added your blog to my blog roll. Keep up the great ink work!

  • Lisa M.

    The video was cute, but I couldn’t watch the whole thing, since the constant zooming in and out, while mild and tastefully done, made me dizzy.

    (Then again, I might try again when I’m not slightly hungover.)

  • I just knew there would be a funny comment at the end of the video…LOL!! Too funny. Nice video, and as always, beautiful photos of your gorgeous Coco

    Happy Birthday Miss Puffs!

  • beauxbeaux

    Chuck!!! I love you, Chuck! Coolest dog on the Internets.

  • That was great and the music was perfect!!!

  • Rosalina Y Yoshida

    Your Coco is so cute! Love dogs! I just can’t have them since I’m living in a small apartment in Tokyo and almost don’t stay home.
    Happy Birthday Coco!

  • I love that picture of Coco soaking wet. There is something about wet pets that just gets me. These are fantastic photos. She and Chuck are so cute. Love the soundtrack to that one too. Okay, so I loved it all! Also, my word verification is “Yes mattress.” Ha.

  • Anonymous

    great tribute
    excellent music
    thanks for the laughter!

  • Kim

    Wow, that made me cry 🙂 Thank you!! Happy Birthday Coco!! you are loved beyond measure!

  • You love Coco! Admit it! 😛 Or you wouldn’t have made such a cute happy birthday video for him. I wish I knew when my turtle was born. I bought him over about a year ago or so! 🙂

  • Steve

    Picture of Coco at 1:22 mark is the best photo of a dog I have ever seen.

  • P

    What? No bacon?

    Ah, baloney…

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