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Free Range Chickens by Simon Rich

This collection of short vignettes
is one of the funniest things I’ve read all year by an author (who also writes for Saturday Night Live) so young he’s still dripping amniotic fluid. It’s a book you could finish in an hour, one I forced Jon to read immediately so we could laugh together over some of the stories like Count Dracula’s profile. It reads almost like a collection of short blog entries, if the blog were a place to jot down ideas for comedy sketches. Some of the reviews on Amazon are hilarious:

“…author jumps from dull subject to dull subject.”
“…juvenile humor that most high schoolers could probably produce.”
“…Simon Rich seems to be confused on what is funny.”

So the book isn’t their brand of humor, fine, but I’m guessing that these people didn’t like Arrested Development either and need a stiff one up the pooper.

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