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Decorative coasters

This week I’m changing the Daily Style section up a little bit, want to try something new, and occasionally I’m going to post collections of good-looking things I’ve found while looking for design inspiration. Today I focus on coasters, a home decor staple that can add a certain graphic punch to a coffee table. Plus, I’m obsessive about preventing cup stains on my furniture, so I’m always looking for new ones.

1. Quilted Fabric Coaster Set of 4 Pinky Pig Etsy Shop $10

2. Novelty Easter Rabbit Coasters UncommonEnvelope Etsy Shop $12

3. Stainless Steel Coasters Set of 4 Amazon $17.74

4. Modern Disc Coasters Chiasso $68

5. Eames Chair Coasters MoMA Store $20

6. Wooden Coasters Set of 4 Target $9.09

7. Blue Deco Ceramic Coasters Set of 4 LMNOProducts Etsy Shop $12.00

8. How Do You Drink Your Beverage Coasters EllePdesigns Etsy Shop $15.50

9. Sewing Pattern Circle Coasters Liesl Made Etsy Shop $5.00

10. Patchwork Coaster Set jennadesigns Etsy Shop $12.00

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