I’ve decided with this baby to have a little more fun with the nursery and want to design the whole room around a playful wallpaper. I only plan to cover one wall so that the room does not feel claustrophobic, and these are the designs I’m considering:

1. Walldots by Fermliving

2. Rosabella by Osborne & Little

3. Anis by Romo Wallcoverings

4. Elodie by Osborne & Little

5. Bindweed by Fermliving

6. Tree Tops Blue by Jocelyn Warner

7. Kiku by Romo Wallcoverings

8. Quinta by Osborne & Little

9. Mirabel by Romo Wallcoverings

10. Forest Flower by Fermlving

11. Salome by Osborne & Little

12. Grove Garden by Osborne & Little