Draper, Utah LDS Temple

My mother, The Avon World Sales Leader, is conducting a special choir for the upcoming dedication of this recently completed Mormon temple in Draper, Utah. The general public is encouraged to come and tour the temple before its dedication, meaning unrepentant heathens like me and Jon have permission to take a look around, and since my mother has special access we got to skip the long lines. Let me tell you, it was not a disappointment. It’s a truly magnificent building, and the craftsmanship with which it was built will leave you speechless. Love the choices in materials, the stone work, the fabrics, the wallpaper, the hand-painted wall murals, every last detail. The baptismal font is unlike anything I have ever seen with my eyes. If you’re going to be in the Salt Lake City area any time in the next month I would encourage you to take some time and tour this building. LOOK AT ME BEING NICE TO THE MORMONS.