Daydream wallpaper in yellow

Here is your first sneak peek at the baby’s nursery, a project that has the entire house torn apart. I decided to go with this design from one of my favorite artists, Julia Rothman, who has an incredible line of wallpaper through Hygge & West. Once I decided on this wallpaper I was finally able to settle on an array of colors for the rest of the nursery: yellow, black, gray, white, and pink.

For a second we thought we might put our marriage in jeopardy and try to install this wallpaper ourselves, but then Jon pulled a muscle in his back and I broke a toe. So the good people at a local wallpaper store called Walls The Colour Store put us in touch with a professional wallpaper installer named Tassie who TOTALLY SAVED OUR MARRIAGE. Because of this genius woman our baby will grow up knowing her father. You cannot tell from this picture, but she performed a special mixture of math and magic and made it so that none of the birds have any part of their bodies cut off by walls or windows. Plus, she wallpapered the outlet covers. When I decide to wallpaper the rest of the house she is the person I’m going to call. Any locals who want her info, send me an email and I’ll pass it along.

Next up we’re having carpet installed, and then maybe soon after that we can put the house back together. Fingers crossed the baby doesn’t come early, but if she does we’ll put her to work hauling boxes.