the smell of my desperation has become a stench

Purple Finch, 1954

Last year Jon gave me a copy of Charley Harper, An Illustrated Life for my birthday, and when brainstorming ideas for art in the nursery I realized I’d love a few of his bird prints hanging on the walls. You can find authentic prints online for upwards of $300-$400, so to save some money we just cut a few out of the book and framed them with some standard-sized frames from Pottery Barn. You can find similar frames for a lot less money at Ikea, I just happened to buy these years ago before Utah had an Ikea.

Here you can also see the new carpet we had installed last week, a 100% wool specimen that we got for a steal from Costco, and oh, is it delicious. So much softer than I imagined it could be. I would have loved to put in hardwood, but since our bottom floor is technically considered a basement we would have violated code by doing so. I think this is a suitable alternative, and it warms up the nursery rather nicely. Pictures of the whole room coming soon, in the meantime you can scold me for defiling that awesome book with a pair of scissors.

Heather B. Armstrong

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