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When fan art and awesome collide

Last week a reader named Julie Watson sent over this illustration of Chuck and Coco and mentioned that while she thought Chuck was suited to be dressed as a Chinese zen master, she was unable to resist adorning him with a monocle. I think she hit it right on the money, if you ask me:

Chuck and Coco by Julie Watson

Jon saw this and couldn’t breathe for two days straight. I’m thinking these would make great halloween costumes, although now that I think about it, what costumes would you suggest for the dogs this year? Sky’s the limit!


Julie Watson said: Well I don’t really have a website or anything but you guys can feel free to email me at if you’d like something similar.

  • Coreyy

    I think that’s perfect for Coco!!

  • I think Chuck would look great in lederhosen!

  • OMG…Donny and Marie! Chuck as Donny…purple socks, technicolor dreamcoat. Coco as Marie. Huge floppy wig, giant eyelashes, and a little of puppies and giant bottle of menopause relief drink strapped to her back!

  • –>Can you dress them up as Jon and Kate?
    I think Coco with Kate’s hairstyle and Jon smoking would be classic…

  • Valerie

    Now that I see Chuck in a monocle and top hat, all I can think about is Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

  • I’ve had KISS on the brain lately, as my kids have suddenly become hooked on them. I’m thinking Coco as The Demon and Chuck as The Starchild.

  • Jessica C.

    I LOVE the illustration, how fun is that! I have no idea what to suggest for halloween costumes, hmmm..maybe Chuck could be an angel and Coco could be the devil? lame. I. Know. sorry! 🙂

  • gretchen

    Coco can be Kate and Chuck can be Jon.

    I see reverse mullet and a combover wigs.

  • Helllloooooo, Ike and Tina turner!

  • Peter Lawford (Chuck) and Sammy Davis, Jr. (Coco)

  • Fern

    That picture is absolutely hilarious! Love it!
    I don’t have any halloween ideas either, but I’m sure whatever you decide will be incredible!

  • This is totally unrelated but I would like to say that every time I see a picture of Chuck I get more and more annoyed that my dog won’t allow me to stack things on his head. Stupid…useless…dog…

  • abby

    Ha! Yesterday at Petsmart, I totally asked the cashier if she had ever seen a top hat made for dogs and she looked at me like I was a crazy person.

  • Dude! THAT is AWESOME. Tell us if this Julie Watson person will let us pay her to do this with our own pets! And if she will, how do we contact her to do it?

  • No costume idea here. Just had to say to Julie Watson: This is brilliant!

  • I’m not sure how you could pull it off, but ever since that picture of Coco running back and forth with Chuck standing there watching, I have always thought of Coco as the road runner and chuck and the coyote. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  • Mindy
  • Anonymous

    Aw, this reminds me of my dogs – we affectionately refer to one as a philosophy major and the others as a leisure studies major.

    As far as costumes – I heard Kirk & Spock are going to be popular options this year.

  • I don’t have anything intelligent to say. But I’m laughing. A lot. So I thought you should know.

  • SomekindofCrazy

    I don’t think I can come up with anything better than you could… I just wanted to say thanks for getting rid of that blackberry ad that was all over the page.

  • sara moseley
  • Elizabeth

    I’ve never commented before and I have absolutely no Halloween costume suggestions. Love your blog and all kinds of kudos and things, BUT….

    I just wanted to say that the picture is AMAZING. That woman captured those dogs in such an incredible way! Absolutely tremendous work!

  • Melissa

    OMG, that picture is HILARIOUS! I think that for Halloween, you should dress them as Ferris Bueller (Coco) and the high school principal (Chuck)…

  • Chuck should be the Dalai Lama and Coco should be a cracked out Britney Spears.

  • These are the perfect costumes, no changes needed!

  • These are fantastic. Chuck is all serious and Coco is totally high on LSD. Perfect!

  • bethface

    hehehehehe Super cute! I don’t do the dress my animals thing but if you could make those into costumes that would be funny.

  • That is both cute and hilarious. I love how Coco is a hippy. Very clever and talented on Julie Watson’s part!

  • Would Adam and Eve be out of the question. You know with Fig leafs covering all the neutered and spayed areas?

  • katie

    i think you should have leta decide. i bet she will have the best suggestion of all 🙂

  • Erica

    Fantastic! She totally nailed it!

  • How ’bout Sonny & Cher?

  • Ursula

    Chuck as Dr. Horrible and Coco as Captain Hammer.

  • Jen K

    Chuck could be the Tin Man and Coco could be the Scare Crow! Leta could be Dorothy and walk with them and Marlo could be a little Lion 🙂

  • Jen K

    Oh I got it backwards! I meant Chuck could be the Scare Crow and Coco could be the Tin Man or Lion, really. Leta could be Dorothy and Marlo could be whatever Coco isn’t 🙂

  • Definitely do the top hat, monocle and tie for Chuck.

  • Meg

    The monocle is great and I think the expression on Coco’s face is PERFECTION!

  • Lisa

    Chuck as “cloudy with a chance of rain” Blue outfit with cotton balls on it.

    Coco as “sunshine and rainbows” aka make her a sun and you can have rainbows coming from the rear end… I think you get where I’m going with this.

  • love the illustration.
    other ideas: sonny and cher, fred and wilma, cowell and abdul

  • Kirsten

    Coco as Mr. T’s A Team character, B.A. Baracus, Chuck as George Peppard’s, John “Hannibal” Smith.

    I can totally see Coco working the gold chains and hair done in a mohawk

  • How ’bout dress Chuck up as a sheep, then watch Coco go all manner of apeshit!

  • LOL to #41!!

    That drawing is awesome.

    Maybe Don Quijote and Sancho Panza?

  • bohica

    It’s a cute idea and that picture is incredible. So was the last one. Incredible enough to make me think about whether or not I wanted to spend the $50 having MY dogs done! However …

    Anything you put on Coco …. well, she’s just going to spend the entire time obsessively trying to get off. And when she’s done, she’ll spend the next week shitting all over the house in order to make sure you don’t EVER DO THAT TO HER AGAIN! Because that’s the kind of girl she is. However if you can get her to do it, more’s the power to ya! I adore those pictures. And you rock on a level I’ve never seen.

    You make me want to keep going back to my Outpatient Crazy Classes and keep working to get well (not really on topic, but what the hell).

  • Chuck: Pepe le Pew

    Coco: Tazmanian Devil (or perhaps Yosemite Sam)

  • Ack! I second the Sonny and Cher idea!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wait … WAIT just a friggin minute!
    Are you all smoking ice?!?
    This is HORRIBLE art.
    The “You, too, can be a commercial artist” snail (or whatever it is) is better drawn than this crap.

  • No no no I take it back! Number 41’s idea!!!!

  • That picture is fantastic. Way to go, Julie!

  • jon and kate gosselin.

  • Becca

    Those are great Chuck and Coco ideas, and I’m not sure I can think of anything better for them, but I’m pretty sure you have to dress Marlo up as a package of Li’l Donettes.

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