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Holiday for Her: Homegoods

This is the second installment of my gift guide for people who are shopping for looney loon loonballs like myself, all from shops that carry such cool stuff that if an item is sold out you can pretty much just browse everything else there and I’d want that, too. I was going to limit my entire gift guide to 20 items TOPS, but as you can see that didn’t work out. I mean, there are two more installments coming. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a store that carried a life-size replica of Zac Efron that I could set up in my entryway, BUT I GUESS A DECORATIVE TEA TOWEL WILL DO.

1. Moonlit Clearing $40

2. “Park” large square pillow, red $65

3. Fern $30

4. Vintage Atlas Thank You Envelope Seals $6

5. Set of 3 Roly Dot Bowls – Felted Wool $42

6. The Girl and The Fox $18

7. Dotted Plate $36

1. Tiny Bird Vase $26

2. Book City Jackets Artists Edition No. 3 $15

3. Proud as a Peacock Modern Genealogy Chart $95

4. Cup with wing of butterfly $35

5. Hedgehog 11″ X 14″ $250

6. Buck $20

1. Jonathan Adler Menagerie Ornaments Elephant $23.50

2. 2010 Forest Calendar $25

3. Original Lemon Straws 16 oz. gift tin, $20

1. Jennifer Judd-McGee Tablemats $68

2. Chickadee in Snow No. 3 $24

3. Tufted chair (teal wave) $12

4. Waterfall $30

5. Girl in the Yellow Suit $20

6. Large Snowflake Dish $18

1. Unmentionables $6.95

2. Charley Harper – Barred Owl Needlepoint $50

3. Classic Silhouette Wood Coasters $28

4. 2010 Tea Towel Wall Calendar – Queen Anne’s Lace $42

5. Mix ‘n’ Match Candy Bars $37.50

6. Ikat Chevron Tea Towel $16

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