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Internet, meet the Avon World Sales Leader

  • Greta Koenigin

    Your mother is lovely. And you can’t tell from the video that she is Mormon.

  • kimjay_everyday

    I love that woman! Hugs from Kim and Susan in Memphis, Linda!

  • OldGrayMare

    Love this: “Heather, she exaggerates a lot…”

    NOOOOOOOOO! Say it isn’t soooooo!!!!


    Mom’s got your number, Dooce. 🙂 Love her to death, she is adorable!!!

  • BexBrown

    I was totally waiting for that little cute baby boy to head but his grandmom in the face. One of my kids would have so done that to my mother.
    Anyways, Heather, your mom is the epitome of a warm lovin ma. Is she free for phone calls on tuesdays?

  • Lilliah


    I know Basie isn’t yours (….Basie isn’t yours, right?), but it was fun to pretend for a minute- “What if Heather is really SO crazy that she actually decided to add another member to her family since she doesn’t already have enough to do!”

  • callmekaro

    I love the Avon World Sales Leader. The end.

  • eliesheva

    love it. love it!

  • guinness618

    Why is your the only camera that is shaking? Is Marlo holding it so you can hold the cue cards?
    Your mom is delightful! It must be comforting to know that you will still be as beautiful as you get older.

  • ckat22

    i saw a little heather humour in there … good to see you come by it honestly!! but were there subliminal messages in there? i have an urge to call your mom and order some avon …

  • myleftnerve

    She is so cute! And stylish! And cute!

  • The Bold Soul

    I really loved this, being able to see your mom talking about how proud she is of your blog. I’ve been blogging for nearly 5 years and after the first couple of years, I think my mother just stopped reading. I was single then and in Paris on my own, and she didn’t want to read about my sex life. Now that I’m married (and I don’t write about my sex life… much) you’d think she’d start reading again to keep up with my life so far away. But no… and in a way, this is liberating for me as a blogger. My mommy isn’t watching me, and I no longer feel the need to “duck and cover” if I’m gone beyond the boundaries of what SHE would consider “acceptable”.

  • jalla

    Awwww, now I love your mother too.

  • Lauren From Texas

    Your mom is so awesome. I want to put her in my pocket and take her everywhere with me. “She exaggerates a lot”… haha! Love the accent too, by the way. As a Texan, I can always appreciate a hearty Southern accent.

  • steph21martin

    Your mom is such a sweetie! I myself went through pretty hardcore postpartum but didn’t really realize what was really going on until I read your recent book. I’m from Salt Lake City but now live in Seattle, so pretty much every thing you write about I can relate to 🙂 My mom passed away a few years back and I often wonder how she would feel about my parenting and blogs etc and what your mom had to say really brought tears to my eyes!

    You are such a rockstar and I look forward to reading your blog daily. Merry Christmas, enjoy those funeral potatoes I’m sure someone is making them in your family for the holidays lol!


  • nashvegas

    Omg, your mom is PRECIOUS! And I love that little bit of a drawl she has.

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