Yesterday, while getting a second set of x-rays on my tailbone

Me: Sorry about my butt peeking through the gown.

Technician: Oh, I… I didn’t even notice. I was busy setting up the film.

Me: Oh God, sorry for even bringing it up! Here I am apologizing for my butt. Just ignore me.

Technician: I’ve seen a lot of butts, believe me. No big deal.

Me: I bet you have! You could probably write a book about butts!

Technician: I could, and I have to say, yours is totally fine. Not nearly as scary as some of the butts I’ve seen.

Me: That is probably one of the best compliments I’ve ever received in my life. You have no idea.

Technician: Was that too much information? I’m sorry—

Me: HAHA! Too much information! I should introduce you to a certain website.