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I personally would have fainted

Just in case you are one of the only people in the world who hasn’t seen this, I just had to post it here because I cannot stop watching it.

Here is Iker Casillas, the goalkeeper and captain for Spain’s World Cup team. That’s his girlfriend Sara Carbonero, a reporter for Spanish network Telecinco. Spain had just won the Cup, beating the Netherlands one to nothing. Now, I was rooting for Holland, and was sick at my stomach when the game was over. Until I saw this.

The world needs so much more of this.

  • vintagejones

    I haven’t seen this… I haven’t even watched a World Cup game, but this still brought tears to my eyes…

  • denice

    awwwwwww. that was one of the sweetest things i’ve seen in a long time.

  • ejhargraves

    I saw this earlier and it gives me such a stupid little grin every time I think of it.

  • curlsz

    she was so calm cool and collected – i hate her 😉

  • Truthful Mommy

    I love Casillas. I was totally rooting for Spain, had to its my Motherland:) Casillas was so emotional over the win , it was moving. I totally would have fainted, he is so hot and apparently sensitive and a footballer:)Holy shit batman, he’s the hottie trifecta!Viva Espana!Happy Mothering!

  • twelvedaysold

    Nope, hadn’t seen it. Thanks for sharing!

  • sandi

    Didn’t understand a word…. and cried anyway. Then I called my housekeeper over to translate and cried even harder!

  • kristanhoffman

    Cute. 🙂 Both him, and her, and the kiss.

    Viva España! (Thanks for rooting for the Netherlands, Heather. ;P)

  • wilg1

    I personally would have climbed aboard and wrapped my legs around his waist. And given him a tonsillectomy with my tongue.

    But yeah, sweet.

  • BellyGirl

    so sweet. can anyone provide a rough translation?

  • everybodylovesbaby

    I saw it this morning and have watched it like a zillion times today. I’m going to miss soccer!

  • chromachord

    Ooooh, I saw this yesterday and nearly fainted. I love Iker! And am so jealous of her…

    Oh well, Spain won! Viva la Furia Roja! Even though I’m part Dutch, I still rooted for Spain. 🙂

    I can try to translate the vid later…I’m at work. 🙂

  • Tricia

    I need to know what he’s saying!!!

  • SteffernieA

    Oh I love it… we all need some more hot Spaniards in our lives!

  • Jacquie

    here’s a loose translation – I found it online, I can hardly speak my own language, let alone translate from another:

    sarah: The prince and the princess leave, but Iker stays here. Look how everything started and now…

    Iker: What do you want me to say? what should I say?

    sarah: tell me how do you feel, how are you…

    Iker: I’m really happy and I just want to thank the people that always supported me, my parents, my brother

    sarah: ok, don’t worry, let’s talk about the match

    Iker: my friends and YOU (kiss) I’ll leave

  • mrscunning14

    I love it. So sweet and genuine.

  • snappy

    I was rooting for Spain and my husband was rooting for the Netherlands. The country is so beautiful and the people are amazing. They dress their babies in white and push them around the streets in little prams. Yeah for Spain.

  • Norabloom

    I had just listened to the Mel Gibson’s latest horrible rant (in which he threatens to kill his GF and calls her all sorts of terrible names) before watching this clip, and I have to say, this was the perfect antidote. Ah, sweet, passionate love between beautiful people, what more can you ask for?

  • Lurkalicious

    This was really great. Totally the Latin spirit. My husband and I were rooting for Spain, and my dad was rooting for the Netherlands. Either way, Iker did a hell of a job out there. Viva!

    I have trouble with Castillian Spanish, but here’s my loose translation:

    Sara: How did it go, how do you feel?

    Iker: What do you want me to say? What would you like me to tell you?

    Sara: I want you to tell me how you are. How do you feel?

    Iker: The truth is, I feel really happy, happy, happy (using three Spanish synonyms for happy!). I’m excited it happened at last. I want to thank the people who have always supported me: my parents, my brother [tears up]

    Sara: Don’t worry, it’s fine. we can talk about the match.

    Iker: No, I want to kiss you. [SMOOCHES]. Ok, I’m going.

  • MustangSally

    I caught a little and from watching some of the subtitles on You Tube it’s something like:

    she says “the royal family leaves but Casillas stays… “how do you feel?” and he says “I’m very happy. The truth is we deserved it from the beginning.” and he goes on to thank everyone who supported him, his parents, his brother… then he gets emotional and she says “nevermind we’ll talk about something else” and he says “and my friends, and you” and kisses her. Then “I have to go” Then she says “Mother of God (like Oh, God..)then “well…” and then to the hosts back on the show “we’ll be back later…”

  • Candy


  • Couture Coco

    Very sweet, very touching and she managed to keep so calm! What a pro! I think there may just be a surge in applications from girls to become sports reporters now?

  • CynthiaNOLA

    I’m not sure she was calm. After he kisses her, she says, “madre mia” and looks a little stunned. I think she was trying to keep composure because she had come under fire for supposedly distracting the goalie from the sidelines when they lost their first match. I’ve watched this a thousand times. I think I’ll watch again!!

    I’m so happy for Spain! It’s been a long time coming!!

  • srising

    I love Casillas! He’s my favorite player. This was so sweet! It was on LIVE TV too!

  • geewiz78

    Awwwww… I love it. I was rooting for Spain and was glad when all the yellow-card-giving was over, and am now happy to see a sweet smooch like this at the end. Wonderful.

  • screwdestiny

    That was so adorable! I was rooting for the Netherlands only because I work with a ton of Hispanics who were all rooting for Spain. I didn’t really give a damn though.

  • tallnoe

    I’m with wilg1.

    YUM and SOOOO sweet.

  • trickygringo

    It was great. He thanks the “people who always support” him, his parents, his brother then looks at her and trails off. It was obvious who he wanted to put on his thank list but seemed like he wasn’t sure it was appropriate. I loved her reaction to him right there. She didn’t just see that he was getting emotional but she got involved in his emotion. Then as she starts to change the subject saying we’ll take a look at a little bit of the game, he basically thinks “fuck it” and goes for it. I can’t quite understand what he says just as he goes to kiss her. Something that sounds like it ends in “beso a ti”. Kiss for you. Then “Me voy”. I’m off or outta here, because he was about to lose it.

  • PunkinP

    Damn, they are both gorgeous. I hate them:-)

    Naw, seriously cute! I love this!

  • Marinka

    Sure, she has the gorgeous, but what’s with her blush?!

  • kayakgrrl

    Love it!

  • Bree

    AWWW that is so sweet. 🙂 The world DOES need so much more of that.

  • Heather B.

    Did you hear the part where she says “No pasa nada”?!?!?

    That was my favorite part. Not that I’m biased or anything.

  • julieandthecity

    I finally had to join the Community just to leave a comment on this. Thank you for posting! I’d watched it about ten times before seeing it here, and I could watch it a thousand more.

  • julieandthecity

    @Marinka – Her blush is the Spanish flag.

  • Lacey

    That game was so rough it was ridiculous. BOTH sides had plenty of fouls. Glad to see this. We were really bummed here in Nederland on Sunday night. At least this makes me think Spain has heart.

  • mmh

    ahh, video was removed so i had to go find it. here it is (for now) and with subtitles!!!

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