Office remodel, episode one

Welcome to the first installment of Jon Got A Whole Bunch of New Toys. We’re filming the office remodel in addition to what I’m writing about it, and you have to keep in mind that all the madness that we thought would end by buying this new house has sort of tripled. While filming this one of the dogs went missing. That’s another post entirely because later that day the other dog went missing as well. Let’s just say that soon after, I cheated and ignored the prescribed dosage on my Valium.

Also, Jon refused to add this to the video, but at the end I was trying to avoid having my shirt rub up against the microphone taped to my chest, and as a result I have a really bad case of Crooked Bosom.


He stayed up into the wee wee hours of the night putting this together, and I’m again reminded of how lucky I am to have married a man with so much skill and talent and an endless repository of knowledge, some very useful, some I pretend to be interested in because it’s cute when he talks so much.

Click here if you are having trouble viewing the video. (Give it a moment to load before you click this link!)