Do Fun Stuff

This has to be one of my most favorite things I’ve ever featured here, for so many reasons.

First, if you haven’t heard of Pacing the Panic Room, you must drop everything and head over there STAT.

I first fell in love with Ryan Marshall’s work when he chronicled his wife Cole’s pregnancy with their daughter. It’s simply staggering in its execution and beauty. All of his photography is this stunning.

His video work is equally breathtaking (here and here).

Recently Ryan gathered a group of friends and amazing artists to put together this charity album where all the proceeds will be donated to help further the research of Smith-Magenis Syndrome, something their six-year-old son has been diagnosed with (read here and here). It’s a fantastic collection of music that I’ve been listening to while working, meaning without my children around. It will get to them eventually, if they behave and fix me a hot dog.

I get requests all the time to feature links to charities here, and I rarely do, not because my heart is black and cold and dripping with poison. I know that once I do some will wonder why I chose to feature this one over another one, and eventually bickering and name calling will ensue. I just don’t want to host or create that when the purpose is to help and uplift.

Why did I chose to feature this one? I guess I feel very close to it. I feel involved. They don’t know us in person, and we don’t know them, except we read each other’s words and care about each other’s children. This feels like a request from a close friend whose child means very much to me, and so my heart is bursting to tell you about this. I really want to share this with you, you who read my words and care about my children (thank you).

So, Do Fun Stuff. Go! NOW!