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Announcing: Groups!

Big announcement today about the Community, and before I get there I have to give full credit and major applause to Jon for getting this new feature up and running (Ben Brown didn’t do so bad either). He’s been working his (very toned and round, now that he’s been exercising regularly) butt off for months to bring you guys this:


Oh, wait. Sorry. This wasn’t an email to my father.


This was set up so that you guys could zero in on some detailed topics and talk amongst yourselves without it having to be in the form of a question. Already there are groups about pregnancy and new moms, military and veteran families, pets, and the very popular swap meet. I’m thinking of starting one called Those of Us Who Thought Milli Vanilli Were Actually Singing. Because I need to know I’m not alone.

Jon put together a really helpful video that walks you through how to use this new functionality, and I hope you guys use it and have a blast doing so. Thanks to you guys for making this such a successful and supportive place online. It’s exceeded anything we could have imagined.

Also! We’ve got some MAJOR fun stuff coming up for the holiday season, so stay tuned. Some of it may involve my butt.

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