Winter honeymoon

Jon and I are in Las Vegas for a couple of days for a speaking engagement and then off to an undisclosed location for a week. Undisclosed? Yes. I don’t want our children to know where we’re going. Because they aren’t invited. And it involves a beach. Talk to their therapist in a couple dozen years to see how well they’re getting over it.

We’ve driven through/flown over Las Vegas a handful of times in the last few years, but we haven’t actually stayed here since 2002. And in doing so I can’t help but feel like I’m contributing to the downfall of civilization.

Wait. I’m a blogger. So I’m doing that every day.


The amount of exotic marble in the hotel where we’re staying is ridiculous. The opulence, outrageous. We should be ashamed of ourselves. And we intend to, after we have a double bourbon while watching a movie from our king-sized bed covered in Egyptian cotton, WOO WOO! Hey honey, call downstairs and order a hooker!

While we take this break I’m going to post some new pictures while republishing some of my favorite posts from several years ago. See you soon! Let’s hope the fish in the ocean don’t catch my cold!