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Tuesday night Jon and I attended the U2 concert here in Salt Lake City. I know that the previous sentence is the exact opposite of exciting, but for the both of us this event was something we had dreamed about but had resigned ourselves to the idea that it would never happen. Does that make us lame? Probably, but you know what? Lame is totally underrated!

I’ve been a fan of U2 since the mid-Eighties, and here’s where it gets totally sappy and you’re going to want to grab a wipe because the goo is going to get all over your hands and in your hair and then you’d have to explain that to your mom.

At the end of my senior year in high school, after my boyfriend broke my heart, I was faced with the idea of my future. Just a few months away from leaving the town I was born and raised in, off to college, and then where? I used to lie on the floor of my room listening to Achtung Baby, over and over, and I’d think, “I wonder what the guy I’m going to marry is doing right now. What does he look like? Where does he live? What will our life be like together?”

Fast forward to a gorgeous Tuesday night in 2011 and I was standing with him, my husband, father of my two girls, hand in hand, listening to those same songs being performed live. I cried through half of the concert.

During other half of the concert I jumped up and down, pumping my fist in the air to the rhythm, annoying the ever loving hell out of everyone around me. YES. I AM THAT KIND OF CONCERT GOER. But COME ON. They played “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and “I Will Follow” and “Mysterious Ways” and “All I Want Is You” and “With or Without You” and “Where The Streets Have No Name” and if you are the type of person who could just sit there reverently with your hands in your lap during all of that then I will pay for you to get laid.

But THEN. Then came the encore and they played “One” and all of a sudden I am seventeen years old and I’m lying on the floor of my bedroom wondering what my future will look like. And who I’m going share it with.

Considering all the therapy Jon and I have been through in the last year and the breakthroughs we’ve achieved, there couldn’t have been a more transcendental moment to signify how much we want to be together. And be there for our two girls. This is my future.

  • Balkan Girl Down Under

    …forgot to add that I, too, used to do the “Wonder what my future husband is doing right this very second, where he is” daydream thingie. 🙂

  • lindzerlou14

    I love this post. I love U2. And I love you two.

  • KimmyDee

    Finding that person is what makes life good. I’ve been lucky enough to get there, too, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    Also, totally not to make light of your post, but when you talked about lying in the floor wondering what he would look like, what he was doing, etc., I was reminded of this hilarious “Kids in the Hall” sketch:

  • nitebyrd

    Lovely. 🙂

  • OrangeLily


  • bwsf

    What a wonderful post (and you lucky bitchez, you got to see U2!!!). I have songs that do that to me too. They transport me to a time when I was so sad, so hopeless about the future. But, guess what, my future turned out pretty awesome.

  • janenyy26

    I was lucky enough to see U2 when they came to Norman, Oklahoma so all of us college kids could see something incredible. I, too, have been a fan of U2 since as long as I can remember, and it was surreal.
    Recently I went through a painful divorce, and I’m pretty young for that event, but something else has happened, too. I met someone new. And he makes me see the strength within myself to overcome my often-debilitating depression. We watched Bono and the band put on an incredible show and we looked at each other and smiled.

    I’m so happy you two got to share that moment!

  • subjectivitis

    Aw, so happy for you two!

  • edenland

    Heather I’ve loved U2 forever. I stalked Bono at Sydney Opera House last year, pretended I was part of his security, and gave him my blog business card. I’m *pretty* sure he reads my blog now, HA!

    That’s a beautiful pic of the two of you.

  • J. Bo

    As if “full on chicken mode” weren’t awesome enough, you had to go and get all incredibly adorable with the concert and the love-fest photo. To quote MY dearest dear, “I am a-gush.” Long may you rock.

  • MainelyMama

    They are the best, in every way. I just quoted them on my post about my Dad’s death, they just get it all. They have to be like the stones and keep touring into their 60s. My kids have to go to one of their shows! So glad that you guys had such a powerful time at the show Their concerts really are an experience.

  • One Hungry Mutha

    To this day, Unforgettable Fire was the best concert I ever saw. EV-AH!
    I feel ya, giiiiiiiiiiirl! AND I’m in tears…
    Thank you for sharing

  • muttlery

    WOW!! i opened that post and thought somehow you had GOT MY PHOTOS. I took nearly the same ones when my husband and i went to see that concert in Melbourne. We too had an emotional investment and i knew i couldn’t miss it – we might never have the chance again. we took our 10 year old who adores U2 – it’s been our family soundtrack. and OMG Where the streets have no name – it has never sounded so good and just jumped to one of my favourites. @seaborne just read your comment and see that I wasn’t alone in this experience. This night was amazing and one that made me realise that music can change/unite the world.

  • maeghan

    Aw, you totally made me cry! I love that you share these moments with us! You two make such a wonderful couple and greats parents.

  • Paulla

    *sob*! Thanks for the morning cry. 🙂

  • Rich


  • barbara

    I’m not a huge fan of U2, but I’ve heard they put on one of the best shows you’ll ever see. Glad you both got to experience it!

    I’ll admit to crying at concerts as well. There are certain songs that will always take me back to a hard time in my life, or remind me of a person that I’ve lost. It’s one of the things I love about music.

  • MamaMB

    Wow, I just saw them in Denver last weekend, and cried through the whole concert as well! It was the 7th time I’ve seen them in 26 years, and they still continue to amaze and affect me 🙂

  • JaneE

    Wonderful post. Great to see a couple looking to their combined future, no matter how difficult it is to get there.

    “One” made me cry, too. (Well your relating of “One” did).

  • HI-D

    Beautiful post

  • NolaMomma

    :’-) Very sweet. I’ve seen U2 in person, so I understand the power of that AND my husband and I have been working hard in therapy for over a year….still waiting for the major breakthrough, but I get little glimpses of it, so I’m *almost* positive it’s coming.

    Love U2 and you two.

  • BallerinaGirl

    Goosebumps… Love it. Thanks for sharing with us 🙂 I’m going to see them here in Baltimore in June. Very excited!

  • luv and kiwi

    Oh how I love those kind of moments where you just want to suck face with the one you’re with ♥

  • j-momma

    You two are very fortunate. I was near tears myself since right now I am separated. My husband refuses counseling since “he doesn’t need it”. We actually really, really do. Keep going strong, you give me hope!

  • NYCJessa

    Aww, this is so great! Concerts are always so cathartic. Sometimes when I start to get especially sad or cranky, I know I need a concert to bring me to life again.

    Heather, stop qualifying and apologizing for everything you say. A sentence about going to see a U2 concert IS exciting! Anyone who doesn’t think so can shove it up their ass. I know you’ve been through it with the haters, but you’re a strong woman. Haters gon’ hate. Everything you say is valid and interesting and we all love you.

    I’m 27 years old and I’ve never laid on my bedroom floor. Is that weird? There’s a comfy bed RIGHT there, why would I lay on the hard floor? Maybe I’m missing something.

    Have a fun weekend! =o)

  • mybottlesup

    swoon… if anyone can give that kind of a feeling to a couple, it’s bono.

    thanks for posting such hopeful encouragement to all of us, with ups and downs and all arounds.

  • jessiehartman

    This is wonderful!!! So glad for you!

  • Lovebuzz38

    I have a similar story as yours. Driving back and forth from college to home gave me way too much time to over think EVERYTHING about my future. The Unforgettable Fire is the soundtrack for my made-for-TV-movie about my life. I kept that cassette in my car and listened to it on repeat over and over. Hearing it still brings back so many memories of those times in my life.

    I’m a HUGE U2 fan and I’ve had my tickets since last October for the July 2nd show here in Nashville. For me it’s more than a concert… it’s going to be a dream come true. I actually cried when I got my tickets. Sounds cheesy I know.

  • sugarleg

    Dear Heather,

    I get it. Looking forward to finding mine. This gives me hope. Much like U2 does.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  • Amanda Brumfield

    So, so sweet. I love the idea of you two growing all old and crotchety together. Everyone deserves that kind of love.

  • donnafromboulder

    I just saw them in Denver last weekend with my husband and his best friend from high school. We’re all closer to Jon’s age, than yours, and, when they kicked out I Will Follow, the guys went crazy with the 80’s dancing and air guitar. Visceral. Nostalgic. Memorable.

  • PeggyMomma

    Not to sound gay or anything…lol but I absolutely love you. Your posts crack me up, make me think, and make my day. Keep it up! (And Jon is mighty cute, too)

  • Laura Jane

    You go girl! But I think you meant when your high school boyfriend broke up with you, not your college boyfriend. Not that I’m a rub-in-the-wound kind of reader, but the story makes more sense this way.

  • sh_moser

    So cute, I love when you can sit back and realize the love that you have for the man you are married to. Amazing!!

  • Kristyne

    Get your wallet out, girl … I’m going to be expensive! Haha, just kidding. My husband will still sleep with me for free – even after 40 lbs, 2 c-sections & an ever-expanding crop of gray hair (thank god for artificial color!)

    Thanks for this story … you rock … for real.

  • KBowk

    Very cool! I too – spent many hours listening and belting out Achtung Baby….especially the lyric “and a woman needs a man, like a fish needs a bicycle…”. I would love to see U2…they are coming to Nashville in July! Thanks for sharing…you rock!

  • girlplease

    This made me smile, especially the line about you BOTH going into therapy and finding love again.

    I really, really hope for the same outcome.

    Congrats to you both on so many levels.

  • girlplease

    Oh and before you go “awww” about my above comment.

    I hate U2.

    So there :p 🙂

  • FlushedFace

    You meant: After your senior year in *high school. You said *college… but we know what you meant.

    Anyway, great story. So many similarities to my own experience. It reminds me that I feel the exact same way about my hubby. 🙂

  • bananaga

    Damn woman, you totally made me cry 🙂

  • halstead

    i think you need to send out tissues to all of your readers when you write posts like this…

  • keagansmom

    Growing up, U2 was the love of my life’s favorite band, so of course I had to love them too. And I’ve loved them (and HIM) since & always. I saw them once – can’t remember what the tour was, but they came out of a giant lemon…anyway, “where the streets have no name” is my all time favorite U2 song, and seeing the Edge do that intro live….well, I just about died & went to heaven.
    So much of their early stuff is tinged with regret for me. My biggest regret…

  • allison the meep

    I have loved Bono since I was 4 (I’m 30) and spent pretty much the entire concert in NC jumping up and down, and half of it crying. And the day we went happened to be the day after we found out our 2nd baby was going to be a girl. It’s a day I will remember forever.

  • TheExceptionalWoman

    Loved this! Such a great reminder of all the things that are really important. Therapy is just a way of fine tuning… Thanks for sharing!

  • anupviews

    Very cretive!

    Digital Bunch

  • minxlj

    I know the sentiment well 🙂 You guys are lovely and have a fab relationship, and since my other half is moving cities to be with me for good next week (yay!), I hope we get to have the same. Love to you all xx

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