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New Tunes – Bon Iver

My favorite song off of the new Bon Iver album (and it was hard just choosing one, the album is so, so lush), is called Holocene: They recently released a video for this song, too …and at once I knew I was not magnificent

August 25, 2011

The good dog

For today. She’s not the dog who sprayed diarrhea all over the living room. Yes, THAT living room. Chuck is still alive and has seen a vet and will be fine if I can keep him hidden from Jon.

Basket of fun

I bought this basket to store shoes at the front door, but someone else had other ideas. Last night Leta climbed into this with her and they pretended it was a bathtub. Adorable until Marlo shoved her and yelled, “GET OUT!” But then Leta pulled…