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Family dynamics

If you aren’t watching “Modern Family” then you need to fix that right quick, son. And not just because Phil (the father seen in this clip) is based in Salt Lake City, and my friends and I ran into him and his wife at a local restaurant. I guess “ran into” isn’t really accurate. It was more like, my friend was hyperventilating, and I told her that if she didn’t go up and say hi that I was going to embarrass the entire restaurant on her behalf. He couldn’t have been more lovely when I shoved her from behind and screamed DO IT.

Thank you, Ty Burrell, for indulging us that night.

This is one of my favorite scenes from the series. One of many, many, many.

This post was sponsored by no one. Not even my butt.

(Do you have a favorite scene?)

  • kjourdan

    There are so many gems, but my favorite that first popped into my head was at the end of the anniversary episode when the kids walked in on Phil and Claire having sex, when the kids give the advice that if you’re going to buy your parents a lock for their door when they’re having sex, don’t get a lock that squeaks when you use it, or you’ll always know when they’re doing it…

  • Bree

    I love Modern Family!! 🙂 And I can’t possibly pick a favorite scene. Pretty much any scene with Phil in it. He’s my favorite character. That’s awesome that you see him around!

  • LaurenDCollier

    My favorite scene by far is when the bird gets loose inside Mitch and Cam’s house and Mitch is FREAKING out and its to background music of Cam singing Ave Maria. I laughed so hard my mother came in from the other room. The juxtiposition of Mitch going postal and ave maria is just comedic genius.

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