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I mentioned here about a month ago that we were having our entire roof replaced. The inspectors we hired when buying the house told us we could get another good two years out of the beast, but when you’re living underneath a 25-year-old roof that is more flammable than gasoline and a fire breaks out on the hill not two hundred yards from your house? And one morning you wake up to find your miniature Australian Shepherd running around the yard with a piece of the roof in her mouth?

You have to somehow find it in yourself not to puke when the estimates start rolling in.

Let’s just say that this was our creative way of living through it:

  • xj2608

    Um, this only makes me wonder what other kinds of shingles are out there? And how will they appear in your life 2 years hence?

  • MsKathleen

    That was fabulous… Maybe long sleeved gloves are coming back in style? Not!

  • edenland

    Gold gold gold GOLD.


  • klovescoffee

    Bahahahaha, awesome.

  • Jen Cottrell

    Ooooohhh…I see a shingle masthead coming!

    Madame Shingles? Shingles Woman Extraordinaire? Mrs. Goodshingles?

    You and Jon are hilarious! And the number of times you said shingles? Fourteen. Yes, I counted. ;0

  • Amanda Brumfield

    This is my favorite thing that happened all week.

  • Oakgirl

    Those still weren’t really jazz hands but that was awesome.

  • hildag

    That was the best video ever! Also, your arms look amazing!

  • Chloe

    A bit madmen-esque.

    Shingles vaccine – gotta be older to get it but I hear it works.

  • mcnallywow

    NOW you have lost it.

  • WindyLou

    Holy Lord, Heather! When are you going to break down and do some modeling? You look stunning in that dress/hair. Great video.

  • luv and kiwi

    Please don’t be afraid if I ever meet you one day and approach you with a hearty “Shingles” (magic sounds)

    It’s in my head permanently now. Great video lol.

    Can tell y’all had fun.

  • HDC

    We also just put a new roof on my relatively little house back in May. 16 grand later I’m poorer for it so I can relate to the anguish. But I decided I will never, ever pay for another roof so long as I live, so we got a stone coated steel roof. No more shingles for us, wood or asphalt. This mutha effah’s gonna out live the house! 25 years? Please. My modern high tech aluminum and steel alloy roof laughs at your feeble 1970’s GAF ‘technology’. Try 50+. Plus, that shit’s recyclable, yo.

    Also, I would pay good money to see the B roll of you climbing a ladder in that ensemble.

  • subjectivitis

    So cute!

    If you feel off the roof making this video it could have caused pun-demonium.

  • The Bold Soul

    So I’m watching that video, wondering what the hell it has to do with your roofing project, and next thing I know I’m peeing myself, laughing at you in that wig and evening gown (the gloves were a great touch).

    You’ll get my bill for having my sofa dry cleaned. But thanks, I needed that laugh.

  • Lucy_Luck

    This. Was. AWESOMES. Heather, you are hilarious. End of! 😀

    And well done for getting the roof fixed!

  • Trina

    Now THAT was awesome.

    Hopefully you and Jon had some fun with that outfit/wig! LOL.

  • honeydunce

    this made my morning. so good.

    also, to echo some sentiments above, your arms look so kick ass.

  • ritchjc

    That was the best (and only) video about Shingles! I have ever seen! I would love to have been in your neighborhood standing on the street with all your other neighbors talking about the crazy mommy blogger!

  • Lily Hydrangea

    Hahahahahaha! Heather you have the best sense of humor.
    Thanks for my morning laugh.

  • KatieMama

    That’s hilarious! Love the hair and the whole outfit!

  • Ralemap

    So hilarious! And creative! And unexpected! Worthy of many exclamation points!!

  • Jessica Eiden Smedley

    How the hell did Jon keep a straight face whilst recording?

  • CO

    Fucking awesome dude! Laughed my butt off! Haha!!

  • vmc

    Absolutely spectacular! I shared this post in every social media venue I have.
    Your arms could compete with Michelle Obama’s now! Drop in and compare the next time you’re in DC! 🙂
    Also, congrats on the Every Mother Counts work. Must be wonderful to work with a great group of women doing such important activism.

  • dianemaggipintovoiceover


    chipped beef on toast = shit on a shingle

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ……

  • vent

    Fantabulous video Heather and Jon!

    Brilliantly clever!

    Heather, you reminded me of Samantha Stevens twin cousin (Serena) from Bewitched!

  • Aundrea

    Whoa, I was not expecting that – hilarious!

    P.S. Your arms look fabulous.

  • thegreyattic

    I think that is the funniest thing I have ever seen on your website. And your neighbors must think you guys are fucking nuts!

  • bhgilroy

    I motion that you wear your hair like that for the rest of your life.

  • EricaLucci

    Hilarious, absolutely hilarious!

  • jilllovesbacon

    That is fucking funny. And holy crap woman, nice guns.

  • juliejackson

    THAT is quite possibly my favorite thing you’ve ever done. Besides Chuck in wigs, of course. Really, truly AWESOME!!

  • bubbytoots

    What did the neighbors say when they saw you filming that! ha ha, hilarious, especially that wig and Jon with his hands on his hips!

  • Gagirl4604

    Girl, those shoulders could cut a bitch. I’m not gonna lie. They scare me a little.

  • lucidlotus

    You are the muthafucking greatest, you and your lovely Mad Men shingles. I raise my Sloe Gin Fizz to you.

  • meghantown

    That was the perfect combination of crazy and scary which to me equals very very funny. BRAVO!!!!

  • strawberrygoldie

    Oh mah holy hell this is incredible. Always look at the world through twisted glasses. Life is too short not too. Plus, it’s fucking hilarious.

  • Anu

    Holy Cow!! Did not see this one coming! I just died laughing

  • Rich

    ooh much better than the original.

  • prestonk9

    Ef that was funny! I love your sense of humor.

  • Missy Dee

    Greetings from the UK. Loved that!!! I couln’t have done it better meself!!

  • Arielle Leipham

    I just emailed my boyfriend a link to this post because we are remodeling our home…from the studs up. It’s been 2 years this month since we bought it and we are still not living in it. He’s over there right now working on it. Anyway, I said in my email “It’s high time I put on my fancy dress and point to our new insulation in the walls or our new drywall!!!” Just because no one truly appreciates the boat load of cash one sinks into a house…never again…never again…

  • Amanda Patchin

    My God woman! Your arms! They are amazing, and I am jealous!

  • hooha

    That is the best video of the year.

  • Caro

    ”Chance favors the connected mind” said Steven Johnson.

    I’ve always admired how you guys have managed to create such a fine example of what I like to call a fully integrated life or one where all spheres connect.

    Thanks for the inspiration and those damn funny videos.

  • jenwilson

    That is the most awesome get-up I have ever seen. So glad you now have the better kind of shingles.

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