Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.

From milk to shake

A couple of months ago we weaned Marlo off of her morning bottle. SHUT IT. I know. What is a two-year-old doing with a damn bottle? Well let me tell you! Letting my cuddly two-year-old drink a bottle in the morning is much less invasive…

October 3, 2011


He’s getting off easy today because that bottle is empty and I need to call in a refill. Maybe tomorrow we’ll try to have him balance ALL of my pills on his head, although I don’t think there are enough square inches between his ears.


Utah’s mass transit system is so cute. Whenever I come back from New York with the ringing whoosh of the subway in my ears and see the trains here, I imagine them being powered by a little room full of hamsters running on itty bitty…