I eat deductibles for breakfast

Ok, where were we. Right. I’m lying in bed last night, my right foot elevated and covered in an ice pack when I realize OH MY GOD, there is an entire other half of my body that I could potentially screw up! A left hip and a left ankle! WHY ARE YOU LEAVING ME ALONE WITH MYSELF?

Whoever gave me this body must have been drunk and/or taking medication that impairs one’s ability to operate machinery. I should have been born a marshmallow.

The orthopedic surgeon I saw today is certain it’s not a stress fracture because of how fast the injury manifested itself and the mobility I still have in my ankle. It’s a lateral muscle strain, blah, blah, blah, I just fell asleep writing that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad it’s not a fracture, but it’s just so non-specific and nebulous and maybe it will feel better a week from now, maybe not, excuse my crankiness, I haven’t had a serving of endorphins since Sunday.

We wait and see. The glass if half full, you know why? Because someone bumped my arm, and now half of my drink is gone!

In somewhat related news, the auction site that is hosting the portrait fundraiser for Every Mother Counts has decided to broaden the scope of things and open the project up to any artist who would like to participate. You can see all the details here: The Every Mother Counts Challenge. You, too, could use your art to help raise money for this amazing cause.

(Waiting…waiting…waiting… you guys, my ankle hasn’t healed yet!)