Tuesday’s Top Pick

Friendship bracelets have been making a huge comeback, and I’m thinking about going out and buying some string and a clipboard so that I can show Leta how to make them. I used to spend entire weekends making my own, figuring out different patterns and shapes. This is a resurgence I don’t mind unlike high-waisted pants which need to stay put in their grave.

I love this more elegant take on the friendship bracelet, with clasps and studs and interwoven rhinestones. Any of these could make a casual outfit classier and a formal outfit more casual. And when you give one to a friend you can lie and say that a normal friendship bracelet just wasn’t good enough.

1. Studded Friendship Bracelet with Matte Gold Bug Link $44

2. Braided Green Silk Ribbon with Rhinestone Chain $35

3. Tribal Friendship Bracelet with Gold Plated Modern Link $55

4. Studded Friendship Bracelet Intricate Matte Gold Link $42