Best way to roast the broomstick. Must try. Five Stars.

Tuesday’s Top Pick

I’m a sucker for artistic interpretations of celebrity portraits because who they really are is so disparate from who we think they are. Yet it’s that distance that drives their fame, is essential to their celebrity. The art of being unknowable.

These are especially fun.

1. Large Grace Jones ‘Androgyny’ Limited Edition A3 Giclee Print $40.12

2. Sylvia Plath portrait A4 limited edition Giclee Print $24.07

3. Virginia Woolf Portrait Limited Edition A4 Giclee Print $24.07

4. Andy Warhol – Beehive ‘Androgyny’ Giclee Print $24.07

5. David Bowie ‘Androgyny’ A4 limited edition Giclee Print $24.07

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