ATTENTION: Sponsored content ahead. Again, for those who object, you get to sleep on my couch. For those who don’t, you get to come over and swim in the pool of ALL MY MONEY!

So. Levi’s® approached me a while ago and asked if I’d like to build an outfit around a new line of denim they’ve launched that addresses the vast differences in women’s bodies. You’ve got women like myself with figures so straight that we’re more accurate than most rulers. And then you’ve got more evenly proportioned women and women with gorgeous, undulating curves. I agreed to this post because I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I look forward to shopping for jeans about as much as I look forward to a gynecological exam by a doctor with really small, cold hands who forgot to take the cocktail ring off of her index finger.


In fact, when I find a pair of jeans I like I tend to buy at least three pair and then wear all of them until the seams have withered to dust. BEHOLD: I AM A BEACON OF SEXY. 36-yr-old mother of two who blogs for a living and regularly shrugs after sniffing her own armpits? STILL GOT IT.

I decided to build an outfit around the idea of a girls’ night out in the spring because my close friends who live here in Salt Lake have been incredibly supportive of me lately (shout out to Cami and Stacia and Heather and Kate, I owe you all an amount of beer directly proportional to the amount of tears you have seen me shed), and warmer, gentler weather is only a few months away. I hope this inspires me to crawl out from under the covers and shed the sloppy gym clothes. I chose the bold colors because some part of me needs a metaphor. Pretty sure that part of me is ALL OF ME.

Ladies, let’s hit the gay dance clubs and then later when we’re tipsy we can go back to Kate’s house and cuddle her chickens!


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