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Welcome to Armstrong Inn, part four

So. Do you guys want to see the final reveal of the guest room, or should I ramble like an idiot for a few paragraphs first? You want the idiot part? Aren’t there like 6,000 pages of that on this website already? No, 6,000 is not an exaggeration, I AM LONG-WINDED.

Seriously, this website has killed so many trees.

I don’t want to color your reaction to the room in any way, but I know there are going to be some questions about why we did this or that and can I tell you where I got something and can I please not ever do that again. IT’S LIKE I’M INSIDE YOUR BRAIN. I plan on answering all your questions in a final post that will include pictures and long-winded reasoning behind everything (so, if you do have questions, fire away in the comments, although if you are mean I’ll make fun of your hair). But for now, I just want to share the final product with you. Because I am a sharer. Except when it comes to French fries and if you even think about reaching over here I will smack your hand right off.

(Thank you Anna Beth [y’all need to sign up for her design camp] for all your hard work. I mean, ah know, right? Thank you, Jon, for the gorgeous cinematography and music. And many thanks to Tyrant for all the details you don’t see but were critical in bringing all this together. YOU WILL GROW TO LOVE THOSE LAMPS, HON.)


This post is brought to you by IKEA and THIS IS THE OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE, WHAT UP, FTC!

  • slappyintheface

    still waiting on that invite … I’m just sayin’ 😉

  • luckyme23

    Love it! Please tell me there is a mirror hiding in the closet, because nothing is worse than having to go to the bathroom to see if you look like a hot mess in the morning.

  • Angeerah

    Neato. I love the Asian lamps and drapery. There are such a variety of textures that it is surpising how well they go together. I “found” Annabeth through your blog, so thanks, and I just adore her style.

    Dear Annabeth, if you are reading, please do a thing up in the Rust Belt region because we are in need of some SERIOUS help in the decorating department. Like, serious. Like 1980’s wallpapering and big puffy couches. All I can say is, yikes, every time I got to an open house!

  • Mama Kat

    LOVE! It turned out really good!

    Now can you send your team of designers around the country on a Extreme Ikea Room Makeover mission? We have an extra room that is just SCREAMING for a gay man in a bathrobe.

  • Daffodil Campbell

    I think it looks great. Great solution for the off center windows (which would have made me and my OCD twitch trying to work with). The thing about IKEA is, it’s a great launchpad. If you buy every damn thing there, then the room looks IKEA’d. But if you just choose some foundation pieces and then bring in your own elements – from antiques to art to bedding – then the IKEA pieces (which are many times very neutral) will just blend in.

    All this is to say I LOVE THOSE LAMPS TYRANT.

    Anyway, the room is fabulous. AB is awesome. And her camp sounds great 🙂

  • cinrose22

    Okay, I just need to know if you take reservations, cuz I’m gonna come and relax at your place my next vacation. It looks so beautiful and cozy. Total spa vibe. Love it!

  • napangel

    I’m sorry, but I can’t find the reservations button. Could you fix that?

  • Interrobanged

    You guys did a fabulous job–this room is inviting, warm, and cozy. My favorite parts are the touches of whimsy, like the lamps. You are absolutely right in your comment about the lamps being memorable. Well done!

    I have only one question to ask: is there a reason you don’t have color on the walls in your living room and guest room? Do you simply prefer a white/cream wall? Prefer to add color with textiles/accessories instead of painting? I ask because I LOVE the instant and inexpensive POW that painting gives to a room, not because I think your guest room or living room are lacking–they are super awesome. I do admit that I was hoping you’d use a bold wall color, just to see what you and Anna Beth would do with it, and because you ladies have great taste.

  • Yolanda

    Lovely space. Love the blend of floral and linear elements. Would love some detail on the closet in the future post. Would also like to hear thoughts about designing the room to be a cohesive part of the house, or a distinct destination unto itself (or somewhere in between). And is there any plan for the wall above the dresser, or prefer to leave that calm and understated?

  • Schnauzie_Mom

    So should I forward you my flight itinerary now? I’m assuming Tyrant is available with the decal’ed PT for airport pick-ups…

    Looks great:)

  • DoubleDs

    Beautiful. Love it!

  • Pandora Has A Box

    It looks like you hit all your marks. Tell The Tyrant he’s wrong about the lamps. They are perfect for a guest room, and they are a funky, whimsical design detail that makes the room feel a little more personal.

  • Schmutzie


  • MsKathleen

    Your room really came together beautifully – I love the colors, textures… I also like the Armstrong Inn name… My mom is an Armstrong so I’m very proud of my ancestry.

    Have a wonderful day 🙂

  • RoseTattoo

    It’s beautiful! Who gets to christen it?

  • SharonP

    Yummy! The room looks both spacious and cozy.

  • kmpinkel

    What room? All I can see is the freakin’ crocs from hell on Tyrants feet! Please tell me they do not come with! Love that Argyle-ish blanket!

  • Lily Hydrangea

    I love how the room is warm & cozy yet without clutter. Everything seems to have a purpose without looking bare and there is plenty of room for your guest to put his/her things.
    Nice job!

  • inthesky

    This room is amazeballs! @luckyme23, yes, there is a mirror–check out when Tyrant is trying on the bathrobe.

  • reneewvu

    The room looks great. A guest room is the most overlooked room in the house and this has inspired me to appreciate ours a bit more… and give it some character. That bed brings me back bad memories though… I had it for three years or so and never could escape the feeling that I was sleeping on the floor.

  • tallnoe

    Awesome. Lovely colors, lovely highlights.
    Just great.

  • Jan

    Lamps fabulous, Tyrant! It’s all fantastic. Only thing that threw me off was the color and pattern on the curtains — seemed to clash with everything else, but one of the last views in the video shows both the curtains and the painting to the right, which has blue in it…. and I started to see how they worked.

  • SPM

    Very Pretty and inviting! You’ve created a space that has yin and yang aspects to it.

  • Steph at UM

    Very nice! I especially like the dandelion print on the curtains 🙂

  • Tricia

    It looks wonderful!

  • verbalicon

    OMG. So, so gorgeous!!! Since our house is still largely empty (but with color on the walls), I immediately checked Annabel’s seminars, only to find out that, Indiana? No way she’s coming there, huh?

    Sad panda here. 🙁

  • Starshine

    Heather! I LOVE it! I think my favorite part is the bold painting/artwork hanging alone on that wall. Just one bold thing is all that wall needed! Great job to all involved!

  • deminimis

    A comment full of love.

    Love the bed, love the textures, love the colors, definitely love that combination pitcher and glass… Just love the room, and I really love the lamps!

    Great video!

  • EliBailey

    Beautiful! And I LOVE those funky vintage lamps! I am always afraid of putting too many colors in one room, so I love it when you do something like this because I learn a lot from it. My husband and I are in the process of buying a house – I wish I could hire you and Anna Beth to help decorate it.

  • Daisee

    Gorgeous! I love love love this room! Where did you find the cow hide rug?

  • karala

    CROCS-AND-SOCKS-OMG Heather, I think Tyrant is lying about the whole ‘being gay’ thing.

    oh, and the room is lovely.

  • Tammy

    Ooh, what a beautiful room! So well-thought-out and welcoming. I am crazy about that little pinwheel pillow on the bed!!

  • Audrey Mac

    LOVE those lamps…and LOVE that art (where did you get it?). Little pops of color amidst a calming bedroom is so lovely. Seems like you thought of everything (brilliant idea about the internet access and that water pitcher/glass is perfect!) I also like candles in a guest room, just for a little coziness!

  • Sabine

    The lamps are hilarious, and therefore perfect. I love it all. I especially love that you are not afraid to use several colors. (That sounds like veiled criticism, but it’s totally not. Whenever I try to use more than two colors I’m simply paralyzed by doubt.)

  • arishell

    Love, love, love!!! The Asian lamps are great. And the stools for bedside tables. All excellent.

  • poopinginpeace

    Seriously?! Your guest room is nice than my master bedroom! I really need a decorator…

  • jessicaAPISS

    Yeah, you included the water pitcher/carafe combo!! That’s my favorite touch in our guest room too. Sadly, it may keep Chuck and Coco from visiting your overnight pals for a stealthy slurp.

  • reneewvu

    Also… is the music original? I love it. Kudos to Jon.

  • jenwilson

    Loooove this room. So gorgeous and inviting. And in the last scene, with the ice water and the glass (such a neat pitcher, by the way), I was like, HEY! I COMMENTED ABOUT ICE WATER! AND IT’S IN THE VIDEO! And it made me smile. And then it made me thirsty.

  • jordan

    Absolutely fan*******tastic! LOVE all the colors and textures and designs and layering and want to have that be my bedroom asap!
    Great job!
    And A+ to Tyrant for his phenomenal acting!

  • TurdFerguson

    The lampshades make those lamps. Very comfortable & inviting. I panicked when I saw your issues of Domino on the floor. I’d be afraid they’d accidentlally end up in my guests suitcase. Great job!

  • addie877

    What? No plunger? WTF!

  • TurdFerguson

    Are those curtains from Ikea as well? I love them…

  • June Gardens

    That is lovely!! Is the rug from a Swedish cow? Are those Swedish Asian lamp people? Okay, am annoying. You just said Ikea isn’t all Swedish, and you are right. It doesn’t look like “an Ikea room.”


    My guest room consists of a litterbox.

  • goddessnike13


    Are there Kleenex in the room? Otherwise it looks like it has everything! Great job! Your designer needs to help me with my living room!

  • wed062302

    I have to say, I don’t like it. Maybe I am too old fashioned but nothing matches and it looks like you picked up most of this stuff at garage sales because you didn’t have the money to furnish the room. Not my taste I guess. Love the video and the process though.

  • Wowzers

    I want to know how you hung those up to cover the entire wall. Was it one huge, solid curtain rod? I want to do that to my master bedroom. Also, do the blinds cover the entire wall, as well?

  • Wowzers

    BTW, the asian lamps kinda suck. Sorry. They don’t look like they go…the bedside table lamps rock though. I think the curtains basically MAKE the room. I’m so in love…oh, excuse me, i gotta go clean up my drool…

  • KarenN

    The whole room looks wonderful. 🙂

  • newgyptian

    Great looking room! But what I’m really excited about is that pitcher with a built in glass at the end. OMG. I love smart solutions like that. (Because I’m too lazy to get my own glass.) Is that Ikea too?

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