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That obnoxious, deafening squeal you heard the other day was this here wide-eyed fawn finding out that Radiohead had added some North American dates to their upcoming tour. You don’t care about Radiohead? You think they’re overrated or you just don’t get it? That’s fine. We can still be friends. No, really. It’s okay. I understand. I mean, I don’t care about your collection of Ryan Seacrest posters. We will agree to disagree!

This news reminded me of the upcoming festival season and all the outdoor concerts here in Salt Lake City. ADDITIONAL SQUEAL AHEAD: Bon Iver is coming to my favorite outdoor venue. You don’t like them either? Who DO you listen to? If I find out that the most played track on your iPod is something by Train, you and I are going to need to see a therapist.

Levi’s® wanted to work with me again, wanted to me to come up with another outfit around their new line of jeans. So, I called up Cami and asked her to help me come up with something to wear when I see Radiohead. Because that is going to happen. And it will probably be outside. And guitarist Ed O’Brien will finally notice me, remember that I’ve already seen them ten times, and then he’ll throw his shirt at me.

I can’t wear heels to a concert, not with all that standing, especially if that standing is on grass. So we chose sandals for the warmer weather and then filled in everything else with something a bit bohemian and funky. You might have noticed that when I put outfits together I don’t really seek out earrings, and with this outfit in particular I wanted to stick with rings and bracelets and necklaces. Last thing you want is some drunk dude really feeling the live version of “Paranoid Android,” waving around his arms and yanking a hole in your ear because his finger got caught on your gold hoops.

Some of you may be like, wait. What if it’s really hot? You’re still going to wear jeans to an outdoor concert? And the answer is yes for a few reasons. One, I’m a weirdo. Two, I’m so pale that if I wore shorts I’d blind you. Three, I don’t know who or what sat on this patch of grass right before I did. Jeans will act as the blanket that I now don’t have to pack! Four, ever heard of a freak snowstorm?

Isn’t this outfit going to look great with Ed’s shirt?

Oh! Also! Levi’s® wants to offer you guys a promo code to say thanks. Get 15% off Women’s and Kids at when you use the promo code DOOCE.  This code expires at 11:59pm (PST) on Wed, 3/21. Enjoy!


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  • heliotrollop

    Where’d all the other stuff come from? The jeans are swell, but I really like the shirt, purse, sunglasses and sandals too …

  • xcgurl08

    What is the actual code?

  • dianemaggipintovoiceover

    so glad this is sponsored content.

    here’s a message to levi’s:
    that ad (a fit made for you — find your unique fit) that appears here, with the lady standing on the red plastic chair in washed out levi’s that look painted on? um, no. when i saw it the first time, i thought the ad was telling me to get a pair of jeans that fit, so that standing on a chair is more comfortable.

    (ps. i just picked up a jaunty new pair of levi’s yesterday, at costco! levi’s is my go-to)

    in other news, rbg rocks.

  • BuffaloWeasel

    I would like these posts a lot better if you actually had a picture of the outfit on you. Please, pretty please…

  • squeaker76

    The code appears to be dooce

  • Ratatosk

    I’ve worn Levis all my life; however, lately I’ve had a heck of a time finding the right fit. I’d find a style that I thought worked for me at Kohl’s, Macy’s or Costco, and then the next pair I purchased, wouldn’t fit right. Drove me nuts. So a couple weeks ago we went to the City and the Mall had a Levis store, so I pulled the trigger and tried on some jeans. And bought two new pairs in demicurve. I’m so in love!!!

  • HeatherG38

    Agree with heliotrollop…where is the bag from?

  • k.wren

    I LOVE that purse too. Is this on Polyvore? I seem to remember Heather posting a link to that at some point.

  • infectionloaf

    who makes that ring? i’ve seen the knockoff a million times but i can’t remember the original designer.

    also, i will be basking in the glory of Radiohead tomorrow!! in some kickass seats! had the pleasure of Bon Iver earlier this year.

  • billysSillyCoconut

    Info on the purse please? Pretty please?

  • santa barbara

    Radiohead and Bon Iver are both playing at my favorite outdoor venue in April! Within 10 days of each other! I’m all a flutter. Tickets for Radiohead sold out in about 1 second so I’ve got fingers and toes crossed that my friends at the venue can even find me a ticket…I wish everyone else better luck on those add-on shows.

  • EliBailey

    Just saw Radiohead Monday night! They were awesome, of course, but our seats were way up in the nosebleed section. Next time I’m selling a kidney or doing whatever it takes to get the good seats, because I must see Thom Yorke do his kooky little dance thing up close before I die.

  • Jenni

    I saw Radiohead at Bonnaroo. in 2006 I think I’d only ever heard one song of theirs before. In like, the 90s. I think. Were they together then?

    Anyhoo, have fun! Hope sweat flies off the stage and lands on you and your Levi’s.

  • IdahoAmy

    I was thrilled to hear about these new Levis through your sponsored posts. Especially, that they have plus sizes! I’m excited to check them out, and that Levis is paying attention to their female customer base over size 14!

  • Lornadoone1972

    Saw Radiohead in Tampa last week, best show EVER… and I agree with you re: Ed O’Brien – alas he threw no shirts!

  • Rlymoody

    Could you please tell me where the shirt comes from? Thanks.

  • PrettyGirlMyers

    The outfit is adorable, I love the shirt! But that necklace is God-awful, please please please reconsider just that one little piece.

  • poopinginpeace

    How about Coldplay? I listen to them a lot, can we still be friends? What about ELO or The Beatles? I’ve been playing that a bit too. Then there’s the Bon JOVI on my iPod-not Bon Iver. I have a very eclectic taste in music. I’m thinking the Bon Jovi, may be a deal breaker. But hey just about everybody I know will get drunk and sing all the words to Living on Prayer. It is a feel good song from the ’80s you have to admit. Love the outfit!

  • jan001

    OK, I admit it. I am no fashion plate. And we need a font that emphasizes the depth and breadth of that statement because it’s truest thing you’ll ever hear next to, “The sun comes up in the east.”

    Levi’s don’t come in my shape since my shape does not do well in things that hug or have the word “skinny” in them. But Levi’s are cool nevertheless.

    I do have one hopelessly fashion-backward question: Is that bracelet something from the plumbing aisle at Home Depot? I swear it looks like an escutcheon or a flange. NO SNARK IS TO BE INFERRED! I just want to know if that’s what’s hip with all you youngsters these days.

    PS: I too would like to know more about where the bag came from.

  • redhead-grrl

    I’m delurking just to say that necklace made me throw-up in my mouth. Seriously. YUCK

  • Regency Romantic

    I need that top in my life RIGHT NOW!

  • jg

    I just saw Radiohead tape their Austin City Limits show the other night. Ed was playing hard to get, as usual, the big scamp! Whatevs, I know he totally wants me.

  • Wowzers

    Yay! I asked for a promo code on the last entry; you betcha I’ll be putting in an order here shortly…

    I STILL WANT THAT BLUE BLOUSE. And I really want that sweater and purse here as well; shit, I want this entire outfit! You suck for not telling me where everything is. =\

    Oh, and Radiohead? Never heard of ’em.

  • Wowzers

    Oh, BTW peeps…just put in an order and saw they take PAYPAL! Woohoo! Just an fyi…

  • e11even

    I managed to get tickets yesterday – it will be the 11th time I’ve see them too….they gotta get good at some point right?

    infectionloaf – the ring was originally Yves Saint Laurent.

  • carymsf

    You’re going to have to post pictures of yourself in the outfit. It’s only fair.

  • k3llyroo

    I had to stalk the purse! Polyvore is so much fun. I love that color but…yeah, I’m not paying $1225 for it. Coral is like, totally the new black.

  • thesoutherngirl

    The shirt!?? Where can I find it. You can keep the necklace. Just no.

  • k2

    the next time you talk to the folks at levi’s, could you please tell them there’s a spelling error in one of their curve id ads for the slight curve fit? it’s the ad that says “for women with less curves and a straigher figure from waist to hip.”
    the last time i checked “straighter” has a “t” in it. i e-mailed them about it, but apparently they don’t like random people spell-checking their ads! of course, i haven’t seen it in a few days, so maybe they finally took it down to fix it.

    cute outfit, btw, EXCEPT for the necklace. not digging that at all.

  • antifuse

    Dear Levi’s: men *and* non-Americans (and even non-American men!) also read Dooce. Just sayin’. I know this campaign is aimed at women, but hey, come on! 🙂

  • doocelurker

    It actually *IS* Train on my ipod. *sigh* I’ve never been to therapy before. Can Chuck come with us?

  • Queen Bugaboo

    Thank you for waiting to post this until AFTER the craziness that was Radiohead pre-sale yesterday. I got my tickets, but damn that was stressful.

    Also, Ed’s shirts make me swoon.

  • Doghouse Mama

    OK, pulled the trigger and ordered a pair. Am really nervous because I haven’t bought many pants since my body decided to morph into an unrecognizable shape (thanks, menopause and hormones!). I really want these to fit!!! And seriously, Heather, give us scoop on the other items! That blue blouse from the Levi’s entry before this one is still on my wish list! Where’s it from??

  • Daisee

    I love all of this color combination. Initially I didnt think I would like the necklace, but I changed my mind once I put it all together on how it will look on. Very strikingly bold and colorful. Though if its summer you may opt for a sea foam sequin tank top…i think. I just bought this sort of tank up at the J Crew outlet store, and I love how different the color is and how it flows with so many different colors – anyway – I thought of this top with your combination!

  • raven1bandit

    I’ve loved Levis since my super straights with the white tab on the back pocket, circa 1980s 🙂 It is so hard to comment here!

  • AshesVonDust

    I never would have thought to put yellow and pink together (mostly because I don’t ever wear either colour) but I like it 🙂

    The necklace scares me, I thought it was a purse at first.

    What colour/brand is the nail polish? It’s cute. It there’s a specific name to look for, I would be happy, because I suck at looking for polish by colour; I always think I am close and I never am. Like I ended up with lime green instead of kelly green once. Not kidding.

    Also, Levi’s has plus sizes? GET OUT! I guess I will be checking those out!

  • G.Sims

    Whenever I think of Radiohead I remember the song ‘Creep’ from this film clip:

  • dianemaggipintovoiceover

    @k2 … and now that you mention it, the correct grammar is “for women with FEWER curves …”

    poor levi’s — getting its editor-ass kicked.

  • cjanducci

    We’re seeing both of them at Bonnaroo (plus a ton of other great bands), too bad cute isn’t an option there. I’m thinking the only way I’d get noticed is the hellacious BO from days of limited showers. Probably not AS effective.

  • tchock

    Having just seen Radiohead three days ago in St. Louis, I can confirm Ed O’Brien’s continued gorgeousness. Too bad for you, though, that he was blowing kisses just for me at the end of the show.

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