That fad diet I’ve been on for almost a year

Some of you recently asked me if I’m still on that weird/crazy/stupid diet I talked about last year (here and here), and hey. Listen. Paleolithic humans were not stupid, you guys. They just didn’t have tractors to plow fields of grain. They didn’t even have tennis shoes. So cut them some slack, okay? Without them none of us would have been born.

The answer is yes. I’m still on that diet. Why? (WARNING: NARCISSISTIC NAVEL-GAZING DRIVEL AHEAD) Because I really like eating this way. Physically, I feel fantastic. When I was training for the marathon I had to add some bread and rice back into my diet, but that was only temporary. But then, so was the marathon. Four hours and 48 minutes of temporary insanity.

(Oh! Good news. My knee finally healed. That only took five months! VALEDICTORIAN OF HEALING.)

When I first wrote about it I think I explained that I stick to this way of eating about 90 percent of the time. The other 10 percent is made up of the occasional dessert or plate of pasta or bagel sandwich. Sticking to this diet has been really easy for me, but I ate a BLT on a homemade wheat bagel about ten days ago and experienced what I can only describe as a spiritual experience where the bagel was God and I joined his church and spent three hours every Sunday worshipping him. While wearing uncomfortable pantyhose.

But I don’t crave refined sugar or bread or any of those other things I cut out. And I don’t walk around hungry all the time. I know this is going to sound trite or maybe insane, but this diet has transformed my life. I don’t feel like crap anymore! Well, physically. My emotions, on the other hand, are bloated on chocolate chip cookies, melted cheese, and a loaf of garlic bread. My emotions need to go brush their teeth.

I’m always on the lookout for new recipes and things I can add to my meals to change it up a bit, and a few months ago I found these at Whole Foods:

Tyrant refers to it as my bird food.


I have a granola bar plus a bit of the grain-free cereal for breakfast before I workout. The company who makes these did not pay me to say any of this nor have they contacted me in any way. I just really like how these taste and they align with my diet. Plus, it’s a small American business making quality, healthy products. So if your diet looks anything like mine, you should give these a try.

If your diet looks nothing like mine, well then. Look at me not judging you one single bit. Go forth and be happy! (and give me a bite of your cupcake)