the smell of my desperation has become a stench

Stuff I found while looking around

Hand-painted walls. Yeah. Whoa:

I was immediately inspired by the idea of meticulously painting an entire room in my own freehand style. I decided to create something that looked at first glance to be wallpaper, but on closer inspection became apparent to be a non-repeating painted design.

Bon Iver Erotic Stories:

Bon Iver is treating my bee sting with a home remedy. (Hint: kisses.)

A Massive Field of 200,000 Clay Figures

Photographic Specimens by Michael Mapes

– For all the Hamiltons and Armstrongs: Meanwhile in Scotland…


With Friends Like These:

In an adaptation from his new book on the rise and fall of NBC’s “Must See” TV, Warren Littlefield, the network’s former president, presents an oral history of its 10-season ratings juggernaut, learning how the stars’ characters were shaped, their lives altered, and their hearts a little bit broken.

If you’re a snob about Friends just shut it.

I lost a whole damn hour to this. I would have lost more but I didn’t put “Ryan Gosling” in the search box.

– It’s a crime that there are only 48 seconds of footage of this.

– Cami and I will be watching this all weekend: Askin’ All Them Questions, makin’ statements, asummin’?

The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth, an interview with Avengers director Joss Whedon:

If you can watch it on television and it’s good, it’s got writers who wrote for him.

Dance porn with a French twist.

I’m speaking my truth and spreading the word, because it does get better:

When my deviance didn’t disappear, I weighed the possibility of suicide, sure that it was the only option for someone so soul-deep sick. I felt as though God had denied me as his child, and I wrote the note that would explain my death as a kind of gift to those whom I was sure my deviance was hurting.

– A few of my favorite recent tweets:

Heather B. Armstrong

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