Stuff I found while looking around

First Position: a new award-winning dance documentary featuring some of the most talented young dancers in the world as they compete for ballet scholarships.

Houstoric project: current photos mixed with vintage photos of Houston.

Republicans, Get In My Vagina

Art of the Menu

Menus are a light version of data visualization and information design: helping the diner navigate between courses, options, and prices.

Modified Social Benches, Wonderfully Impractical Public Benches by Jeppe Hein

Dog toy eye view

The Most Dangerous Terrains In The World

I Know That Voice

Life with a dog.

– “High in the Himalayan foothills, fearless Gurung men risk their lives to harvest the massive nests of the world’s largest honeybee.”

Airplane passengers as explained by their pants


Stuff about Stanley Kubrick

– I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight after seeing this.

– A few of my favorite recent tweets: