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Humorous illustrations of animals by Georges le Mercenaire

Def Leppard Played and I Fucking Owned It:

It should be noted that the Def Leppard guitar player Phil Collen was shirtless the whole time and so was I and I’m pretty sure he saw me and made a gesture to the singer Joe Elliott like “Check that dude out in Section B, Row 7- he is owning this fucking place.” And I was. Ask anyone.

humanæ: A collection of portraits where the subject is set against a background the PANTONE color of their skin.

Where are you on the global fat scale?

The 17 Funniest Descriptions of Interview Subjects The News Has Ever Broadcast

– I just started watching “Downton Abbey” (WHERE THE HELL HAVE I BEEN) so this is pretty awesome.

Top Ten Rap Albums For People Who Don’t Know Shit About Hip-Hop

– Don’t lie, you’ve done this exact thing (wait for it).

Marlo’s future.

How to make a rape joke:

The world is full of terrible things, including rape, and it is okay to joke about them. But the best comics use their art to call bullshit on those terrible parts of life and make them better, not worse. The key—unless you want to be called a garbage-flavored dick on the internet by me and other humans with souls and brains—is to be a responsible person when you construct your jokes.

Top 15 Worst Logo FAILS Ever

– A few of my favorite recent tweets: