Stuff I found while looking around

– Mid-20th-century science fiction and fantasy illustrations in America

NOLA Problems

Horror movies for your pets

Damn, Anderson!

– Two young irish boys performing an acoustic version one of the best songs of the last year.

– Oh. Whoa. Ultra slow-motion video of lady bugs preparing to take off and fly away.

– Yes, I’m sure you’ve seen a million of these, but this dog’s level of NUTBALLZEDNESS when his soldier returns home is too infectious not to share.

– And then I watched this and just cried and cried and cried.

Scenes from World War II photoshopped onto today’s streets

– How National Geographic filmed a cheetah running at full speed

Soft as butterfly wings:

She is the most encouraging and loving person in the entire world. Pathologically so. If you stab a vagrant in front of my mother, she will compliment your even knife strokes. No matter what you do, she will always be your biggest fan. Did you just catch a frisbee? Holy shit you’re going to go pro, probably.

Whitelights & Latenights

Concise synopsis of The Wizard of Oz.

– 12 politicians and their animal doppelgängers

– Ghetto Penthouse: Prison Lingo to Keep You Alive on the Inside

– A few of my favorite recent tweets: