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Hand-crafted Christmas cards

Do you have a hard time sending out Christmas Cards in a timely fashion? You are not alone and are, in fact, a far better person than I am. I’ve never sent out Christmas cards. Ever. Not once. But if I did I’d definitely consider something as tastefully fun as these from the Quill and Fox Etsy shop that take their inspiration from vintage art. I know it’s a little late to recommend Christmas cards, but it’s NOT too late to stock up for next year when you will be in this exact position again having either not ordered them or put them in the mail. And then I can tell you that I told you so and you can say, “You’re still not ever going to send any, are you?” And I’ll shut my mouth.

1. Sir Rudolph Christmas Card 10pcs $19

2. Noel Card 10pcs $19

3. Santa Christmas Card 10pcs $19

4. Snow Globe Christmas Card 10pcs $19

5. Northpole Tags 10pcs $8

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