the smell of my desperation has become a stench

Gleeful jubilant jubilation

Last week everyone was predicting that it was going to snow in the two days leading up the move and then all day long during the move. My mom says that because it did not, that in fact, it warmed up enough for the giant three-foot pack of snow to melt, is proof enough of the existence of Jesus Christ. I nodded because she was being such a huge help, but what I wanted to say is that it’s proof that meteorology is not an exact science. But yay, Jesus!

I haven’t seen grass or dirt in months, and then this morning I spotted a budding flower in the front yard. You guys, I skipped inside to get my camera. I skipped. It was an involuntary reaction. But knowing that green things are about to start happening makes my insides feel like Julie Andrews twirling around on that mountain.

The heeeeeels are aaaaaliiiiiive!

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