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Destination library

When I took the girls to the library a couple of weeks ago, Marlo made fast friends with a couple of other kids who were running in and out of little side rooms along the edge of the children’s section. She walked right up to a little kid and said, “You wanna be my friend?” The innocence and purity of that question almost knocked me over. And thank god that kid said yes because I would not have been able to handle the rejection.

That kid was a couple of years older than Marlo, a bit bigger, and Marlo marveled as she jumped off of stairs and high ledges, activities not normal for a library, but the The City Library is relatively progressive. They built these rooms to encourage kids could explore them. Which is why Marlo gets so excited when a visit to the library is on the agenda. Books? Sthcrew books! THERE ARE FRIENDSTH! AND ROOMSTH!

Meanwhile Leta was gathering several tomes of literature and rolling her eyes.

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