the smell of my desperation has become a stench

September in the sky

This summer in Utah goes down as the hottest in recorded history, and yet I held on to every single day in August as if letting it go would mean the sails would slip through my hands and the boat would capsize. Here we are in September, and even though the temperatures are still unseasonably warm I look at my weather app and smile. Sunshine, heat, more sunshine. Even more sunshine. They call this the monsoon season in Utah, meaning we sometimes get a storm cloud in the afternoon in the valley, but usually it’s not much more than you see here. When I think back to January when the inversion was so terrible that we couldn’t see the sky for over four weeks, I’m determined to hold on to September as desperately as I did August. Sorry, September, if you can’t breathe. I promise not to pet you to death.

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