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For her

As I was looking around trying to come up with ideas for this years guide I didn’t realize I was being drawn to gold and shades of turquoise. It wasn’t until I pulled it all together that I realized it looks like I intentionally tried to color-coordinate everything. I kind of wish my closet was this organized.

Last year I included a lot of essentials on the list, but this year I thought I’d feature a few more little indulgences in case your “her” could use something playfully frivolous this time of year. And yes, Ryan Gosling.

1. Sugar Paper Polka Dot Journal $16

2. Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment $34

3. Leaf clasp bracelet $26

4. “Shambolic Holiday” Nail Lacquer Duo $24

5. Constellation box $28

6. Bronze Pharmacy Lamp $175

7. Metallic Ikat Cosmetics bag $19

8. Tortoise Channel Bangle $32

9. Long cashmere gloves $68

10. Flutter Silk Pillow Cover $34

11. Heath Ceramics Salt & Pepper Shaker $45

12. DIY Cupcake Planter Kit $15

13. Bear Tea Towel $18

14. Crystal Nail Ring $28

15. Boulangerie Vanilla & Fig Candle $16

16. Feminist Ryan Gosling $8.53

17. Rebecca Minkoff Mini Luscious Hobo With Studs $249.98

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