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The architecture of The Incredibles:

The Pixar artists responsible for designing the film successfully imbue its locations with significant architectural meaning: They critique modernism, bring back De Stijl, and document the transformation of the post-war American city.

The 20 US cities that are allowed to complain about the cold

– One of the best things on the Internet recently: 40 maps that will help you make sense of the world. JUST LOOK AT THAT EFFING MAP OF PAID MATERNITY LEAVE AROUND THE WORLD OH MY GOD AMERICA.

– What’s the best movie set in your state? This map will tell you.

– Holder: Feds recognize Utah’s same-sex marriages

Marriage Equality Is a Conservative Cause:

Conservatives should start to lead again and push their states to join the nine others that allow all their citizens to marry. I’ve been married for 29 years. My marriage has been the greatest joy of my life. There is nothing conservative about denying other Americans the ability to forge that same relationship with the person they love.

All Americans should be treated equally by the law, whether they marry in a church, another religious institution, or a town hall. This does not mean that any religious group would be forced by the state to recognize relationships that run counter to their conscience. Civil equality is compatible with, and indeed promotes, freedom of conscience.

– And then this is what they are afraid of: Mormon Missionary Position

People, Not Data:

This is how we interface with our government: We beg on our knees, we queue all night for shelter, and we get aggressive letters in the mail. Our services disdain those they are envisioned to help.

– Photographing Earth from the cupola on the International Space Station

– HOLY. CRAP. NEW. ZEALAND: Other people make mistakes. Slow down.

– Um, unless you’re doing this kind of burpee color me unimpressed.

What did we get stuck in our rectums last year? Slow clap, please, for the woman who inserted napkins in to her vagina so that she could have sex during her period.

He just doesn’t want to get his hair wet alright?

#Birthday #Bear

– Must see: the pictures on the comments on a post about the Selfie Olympics

– I absolutely loved Dark Places: 16 books to read before they hit theaters this year

Satanists Unveil Design for Okla. Capitol Monument

The statue features a horned demon sitting in a pentagram-adorned throne with children next to it.

The Satanic Temple says Oklahoma’s decision to put a Ten Commandments monument at the Capitol opened the door for its statute.

What say you, cat?

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