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A room with a view

My dear friend Stacia has a coworker who could not use his timeshare in Maui, and when he offered it up to any takers she raised her hand before he had even finished his sentence. It’s a penthouse suite in a small resort on the west side of Maui, and this is the view from the balcony. You guys sent me a ton of suggestions as to places to go and see while I was there, but the five of us on this trip spent almost every moment either on this balcony or right down there on that beach, soaking in the sun and welcome isolation.

It’s rare to find a group who are all on the same page like that, and any one of us could have made a stink about not getting out to see certain sights or venture out on hikes. But no one did. We saw this view and each one of us was like, dude. NOT MOVING AN INCH. Hand me a beer. And then another.

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