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Saturday afternoon I was checking email and Instagram and Facebook in the hours I had leading up to a night out with some friends when one link led to another and I found Sarah James’ “Soft loose Waves – Clipless vs. Clamp Curling Iron Tutorial.” I’ve met Sarah before, and she is very good friends with friends of my own, and I chalk up not having seen this only to the fact that at the time she published this my hair was not even an inch long. There was nothing to curl, although I could have experimented with the shag around Coco’s butt.

I watched this entire video, all eleven minutes of it, because my hair is at a length now where I’ve started experimenting with my curling iron, this one specifically that I’ve had since 2008. And it has a clamp. And I have been disappointed with the crimping that happens on certain segments of my hair when trying to style it like hers.

Holy shit, IT WORKED. I didn’t think I’d be able to pull it off, but I followed her instructions detail by detail and I kind of wish there had been a camera watching my jaw drop open every time a curl came out of that iron perfectly soft and wavy. I personally prepped my wet hair with a little bit of Moroccan Oil and after I curled it set it with this Micro Mist Fixing Hairspray. I slept on it that night and the following morning it looked just as good in a more unkempt, beachy way. I am now off to read and watch every thing she has ever posted about long hair.

Thank you, Sarah!

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