the smell of my desperation has become a stench

Through the haze of jet lag

Right now as I’m scheduling this to post it’s about 4:30 PM in SE Asia, but my kids are back in Utah asleep and safe and dreaming of various things, friends and pets and camp and swimming and fighting over who gets to play on the iPad next.

I just got out of a cab where I traveled several hours to stay for the evening, having spent all morning being debriefed about the huge amount of work that The Exodus Road and its parters do for humans who have been sold into slavery. We are about to go out for the evening to dive head-first into what the situation looks like, and our first bout of downtime happens tomorrow morning. I snapped off this photo on the way to our first meeting this morning, and I have a lot of initial thoughts that I can’t wait to get down in words. I will say this: having watched an undercover video earlier today, I’m just a little wary of what I might see in person. I know I’m an adult and can handle these things, I just hope I’m prepared.

More soon.

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