Fun in the sun

The cabin we are staying at in Wisconsin sits right on the edge of a small lake and normally has a small beach. We packed beach toys and planned to build sand castles, except all the rain this season has wiped out any part of the beach that was there before. It’s so bad that Minnesota has had to enact no-wake restrictions, a term I did not even know existed. And it’s pouring rain right now. Marlo would normally be disappointed, but IT’S ALL WATER. Water everywhere. Water gushing from the sky! That’s better than if it were raining candy or men.

Here’s a roundup of some things I’d pack for myself if that beach were not completely underwater. Protip from my friend Kelli: a little bit of baby powder will instantly remove the sand from your feet before you get back in the car or step inside your cabin.

1. Waterproof iPhone 5s LifeProof Case $79.91

2. iPhone 4s LifeJacket LifeProof Case $34.99

3. RVCA Shadowlands Hat $34

4. The Honest Co. Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen $19

5. #GIRLBOSS $17.83

6. Brown Tortoise Shell Half Frame Sunglasses $20

7. Zinke Starboard Swimsuit $132

8. Moroccan Straw Market Shoulder Bag $26

9. Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder $3.65

10. Turkish Beach Towel $24.95

11. Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lip Therapy $4.99

12. Everlane Slingback Leather Sandals $98