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Using summer as an inspiration board

I was sitting at my desk yesterday when I suddenly realized I had not moved or stood up for almost three hours. Apparently sitting is the new “most horrible thing you can do to your body,” worse even than driving while listening to Imagine Dragons. So I got up and walked a few laps around my living room and kitchen. On about lap three I noticed an empty planter sitting in a corner that I bought three years ago from West Elm, one I thought I’d put to use immediately but, um, life sort of got in the way if you know what I’m saying.

Maybe walking IS good for you because I got the idea to visit a local garden store called Paradise Palm this weekend and grab something to fill it, plus a few others to fill several other corners of the room. It’s quickly getting colder outside, and maybe what I need is to bring more of the outside in to help me fight my grumpiness when I wake up and the ground is covered with snow. Maybe I need more texture, more wood, perhaps a trip to Los Angeles where I accidentally get stranded.

1. Edison String Lights $39.95

2. Snail Candleholder $4.97

3. Safavieh Castle Garden Stool $79.76

4. The Drunken Botanist: The Plants That Create the World’s Great Drinks $15.32

5. Yellow Leaf Lanta Hammock $149

6. 6 Foot Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree $119

7. Makers Kit Home Herb Garden $26

8. Woodsy Candleholder Centerpiece $49.95

9. Fly-by Bird Feeder $14.99

10. Garden Greetings Tape $10

11. Paper Birch Straws $8.95

12. Matthew Taylor Wilson Print $24

13. Kiwi Bird Figurine $29.95

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