the smell of my desperation has become a stench

“Someone should knit it a sweater”

Last night I posted a picture of a tree to Instagram and commented that it was having a hard time committing to autumn:

The first comment which is the title of this post was from my friend Casey Carey-Brown who writes Life With Roozle. In most of her social channels she is wearing a hoodie in her avatar. Another commenter, Kaitlin, then asked if Casey was feeling okay. Why hadn’t she suggested a hoodie? I really like how we all virtually take care of each other. Like, Casey, that is so not your online persona. Do you have a fever?

I am more of a hoodie-wearer myself, but if I’m going to be positive about colder weather I try to imagine curling up in a warm sweater with a cup of coffee and a book, something I rarely have time to do. And while I’m reading that book, all snug an toasty, I’ll look out at all the snow my kids are shoveling and give them a thumbs up.

1. Mango Cable Knit Wool Blend Sweater $69.99

2. Mango Monocrhome Sweater $59.99

3. V-Neck Pullover With Hood $12.75

4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Stingray Pullover $114

5. Sheinside Grey Loose Sweater $29.99

6. Petite Mint Chunky Jumper $29

7. Mango Polka-Dot Wool Blend Sweater $49.99

8. Pure Color Rabbit Hair Pullover $40

9. Pure Color Batwing Pullover $36

10. Mango Bicolor Modal Sweater $49.99

11. Sheinside Batwing Pullover $21.98

12. VonFon Chunky Pullover $16.42

13. Open Knit Marled Sweater $19

14. Honeycomb Chunky Knit Sweater $79

15. Hood Wool Blend Sweater $59.99

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