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Crisp and uncomplicated

You could probably guess that since a strappy tank top is out of my comfort zone, wild and ornate jewelry are not my cup of tea. I used to like statement rings, but I’ve even gravitated away from those. Whenever I shop for jewelry now I always look for something minimal and delicate. Call it age, call it being almost six feet tall and not needing to stand out anymore than I already do. To finish off an outfit now I’ll look for the tiniest bit of embellishment, either a few rings and a necklace, a vintage bracelet, a set of earrings, or you know, a bearded man cuddling a hedgehog:

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1. No. 2 by Janika Jewelry $36

2. Kenneth Cole Gold Plated Hammered Disc Earrings $22

3. The Jane by Feral Watches $88

4. Thin Gold Stacking Ring by Peggy Li $34

5. Braun Classic Analog Quartz Watch $131.26

6. Kate Spade New York Metro Leather Strap Watch $146.25

7. Kate Spade New York Tortoise Studs $26.60

8. Amelia Necklace by Meredith Peck $65

9. Madewell Inkstone Studs $24

10. Madewell Inkstone Ring $28

11. Crate & Barrel Clarus Small Brass (Jewelry) Box $59.95

12. VINANI Sterling Silver Bar Studs $30.95

13. Large Letter Initial Necklace $74

14. Black Geo Earrings by A Merry Mishap $20

15. Marbled Semicircle Necklace by A Merry Mishap $38

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