the smell of my desperation has become a stench

Our new shag carpet arrived

Last night a very loud cold front moved in, one so noisy that it woke Leta up at 4AM. She crawled into bed beside me because she was scared, and I held her until she fell back asleep. When we came down to the kitchen for breakfast we found this on the back porch. Down below the entire yard is covered in a thick blanket of leaves. Whatever color was hanging on is now on the ground.

When we left for school it was 24 degrees outside and still very windy. I headed to the gym after I dropped the girls off, and every single person was moaning and groaning about how cold it is! So very cold! The coldest ever! Cold cold cold! It made me laugh out loud because I was walking around Boston last Saturday when it was 50 degrees outside. Except it felt like it was negative four hundred.

We Utahns are so delicate.

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