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Surviving February

I haven’t had to break out my BLU Light Therapy Device this winter, at least not yet. And I say not yet because I do not want to tempt the the Weather Gods. Typing that just made me google “god of weather” and, you guys, I stumbled upon the names of the children of next generation’s hipsters:


For those of you stuck in unrelenting snowstorms you have all my empathy. Until the sun comes back out fill your home with light.

1. Spotlight Steel Floor Lamp $71.99

2. Oversized Arc Floor Lamp $299

3. Oslo Floor Lamp $114.90

4. Novara Floor Lamp $398

5. Director Floor Lamp $164.50

6. 3-Light Floor Lamp $129

7. Twixt Floor Lamp $149

8. Stacked Marble Table Lamp $149

9. Copper Arc Table Lamp $69.95

10. Rosie Table Lamp $149

11. Ceramic Octagon Table Lamp $173.59

12. Bedroom Table Lamp Set $29.95

13. Modernist Table Lamp $119

14. Scoop Table Lamp $69

15. Cecile Table Lamp $149

16. Studio Wire Frame Table Lamp $79.99

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