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Six more weeks it is

Yesterday Utah finally achieved a winter. I would love to insert an animated GIF of someone in the northeast rolling their eyes about this, but some people are a bit prickly about those things.

Light snow had been predicted, but when it finally stopped snowing last night I would estimate that a good seven to eight inches covered my yard and everything in it:

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People were complaining left and right, and on my way to the grocery store I saw four horrible accidents. I was like, do you not remember where you live? Utah never disappoints in this specific capacity: it will snow in April and May. I would not blink an eye if families have to cancel picnics on Memorial Day because of a blizzard.

I looked at the forecast for the upcoming week, and next Tuesday the daytime temperature is supposed to reach 75°. Because of this I was able to approach what was happening yesterday from a standpoint of appreciation. It was simply beautiful.

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