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Books People Send Me, Installment Three

At the end of the summer a library in Cache County, Utah, is going to be getting a slew of books that are all over the map in terms of content: coloring books, self-help, guides to better parenting, cooking with kids, murder mysteries that involve steamy…

June 28, 2017

In which I go overboard for the sake of my child’s self-esteem

This post is in partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures …… On June 30th, Warner Bros. Pictures is releasing a new comedy starring Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell called The House, a film about two desperate parents and the lengths they will go to for their…

June 26, 2017

Zen and the Art of Not Screaming at Your Children

The girls and I just returned from a five-day trip to Austin to see family, a group including aunts, cousins, second cousins, third cousins, and… the one and only. He Who Made Me Gain Almost 15 Pounds In the Summer of 2007 Because of Homemade…

June 16, 2017

Father’s Day 2017

The girls and I are headed to Austin today for our summer trip together—OH MY GOD. AUSTIN. I just this second realized the significance of this. KAREN! The universe is sending crazy signals that are hard to ignore. Hard. To ignore. So very hard. We…

June 9, 2017

A better way to start your day

During the last week in April I spent a few days with a film crew following my dear friend Ashley throughout her daily routine as a fellow full-time single mother. We tagged along through the struggle to get her kids up and ready for school,…

June 8, 2017

“We’re kind of loving them to death”

Late last Thursday night I returned from a week-long trip to Montenegro where I joined a group of incredible speakers at a tech conference held at a hotel across from the beach. I will write more about that experience—in particular the early morning James Bond movie…

June 6, 2017

The bad news about a wet winter

When people ask me why I remain living in Utah when I could do my job from anywhere on the planet—this after I have said again and again and again that my mother is why I stay here DUMMIES (not you, I didn’t call you…

May 25, 2017

Be ye not so stupid

This morning Marlo woke up with a headache, fever, stomachache and a sore throat. I’m sorry, forgive me if I am mistaken, but wasn’t the tonsillectomy was supposed to cure that last symptom—if not cure it then at least make it a less frequent occurrence…

May 22, 2017

Books People Send Me, Installment Two

A couple of days ago I went completely off the rails about the panic attack I had at the world’s biggest Costco— apparently I used all of the f-words left in the world in that post, and this upset certain people who think I need…

May 19, 2017

A Costco-sized tangent that even I didn’t see coming

I’ve mentioned that when we moved we downsized by 75%, and about a month ago while walking through Costco I stopped dead in the paper towel aisle—BY THE WAY, my Costco, the Costco I attend, it is the biggest Costco in the world. Full stop….

May 17, 2017