Playful, elegant, and not above the judicious use of the word “shit."

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Life is good because she isn’t yet blogging about my parenting

Judging from the picture above you may suspect that I have been lying this whole time and that the move across town I’ve been talking about was really a move to Seattle. You think I would do that to you? Lie about where we have…

April 26, 2017

You can never have enough imagery of the wackos you live with

I have to apologize for not remembering exactly when Jennifer Maher sent me this portrait of Coco  along with one she painted of Marlo buried underneath a mountain of stuffed animals, only that it happened right as the Downward Brain Spiral of Marathon Training and…

April 25, 2017

Returning a favor and a tiny peek behind the scenes

Back in 2010 I signed a year-long contract with HGTV to write and curate content for their website. They had floated the idea of filming a pilot for a television series, but I happened to sign at a time when the network was enduring the…

April 21, 2017

If only our parents had animated GIFS when we had these questions

When the girls and I moved across town at the beginning of March, we all had to prepare for the transformation of our morning routine. We would no longer be able to wake and bake while sitting around in our underwear and scratching our balls. Shit…

April 19, 2017

A Mother’s Day idea that rambles into a pretty dangerous corner

Did I mention that I dropped a bomb in my lap when I relaunched this website? I did? Well, pardon me for repeating myself, but I dropped a bomb on me. And it looked and sounded exactly like this: Bedazzeld camo? I’ll have three, please….

April 18, 2017

Books People Send Me, Installment One

In the—wait, I have to calculate this whole thing in my head… 10? no… 12? 13 years? I think I’ve had an official business address since 2004. So, 13 years. A mailing address as old as my daughter who—and this cannot be a coincidence given…

April 14, 2017

Our temporary triage center

We are Day Seven into Tonsillectomy Recovery 2017, and I’m starting to think that the people who told me their kid bounced back within a couple of days misunderstood what we were talking about and were instead referring to the time they aggressively picked their…

April 13, 2017

April Eleventh

Marlo had her tonsils out last Thursday—no, this is not the long post want to write about that, I’ve been a little busy with the bomb I dropped in my lap when I relaunched this site—and when we checked in they gave us both hospital…

April 11, 2017

I wish I was special

Yesterday my friend Kelly asked her friends on Facebook about covers of songs and which ones they like better than the original version. Here is my very opinionated and authoritative opinion about covers and why I didn’t have any in my arsenal with which to…

April 10, 2017

dooce Fourteen Hundred and Ninety Point Two

Don’t be alarmed. Actually, scratch that. Be very alarmed. You see, I did something the right way for the first time in my life and I guess that means I’m now an adult. Or, I’m the adult I always wanted to be when I was that…

April 6, 2017

Where the hell I’ve been

This is where I’ve been for the last five months, why I was so quiet during the election, and why I should have worked harder.

November 29, 2016